Molekule - The Clean Air Superstar

Having trouble breathing during seasonal weather changes?  Pet dander set your nostrils and eyes afire, turning them red and watery?  Of course asthma symptoms can make you feel even worse.  I know those feelings, first hand!
Even fresh air is no longer as fresh inside or out than it was decades ago.
And, the EPA admits that indoor air pollution is so bad, it may worsen allergy and asthma symptoms.

For years, our family experimented with various gadgets including HEPA-type filters, trying to stop scratchy throats, runny noses and itchy eyes.

However, ours was a losing battle.  Even as prescription medications provided little help, we wondered where to turn.

And, since Americans stay inside too much anyway, shouldn't we at least find relief in our homes?

Recently, we discovered an exciting new technology that is so dramatically effective, we noticed significant results in less than one day!  This brand new, beautifully designed device can even purify air in a 600 square foot room in short order - all without noisy, power hogging fans.  Yes, I said "purify."  This is not a basic filter that captures dirt and causes gritty buildup around your device.

It's called Molekule and it is a massive leap into the future of cleaner inside air.  Using the same advanced method that kills cancer cells, it actually eliminates every indoor pollutant.

Also notable, you simply plug it in and turn it on.  Adjust a few settings with your free phone app and Molekule gets busy immediately.  Sounds crazy, but we began noticing how much fresher the air was within a few minutes.  So, we left it on all night and slept well.

We woke up next morning and realized we were breathing better and our eyes were clearer.  No sneezing, no scratchy throats... Molekule was doing exactly what it was designed to do.  This is a huge test because our apartment in New York City has the usual grimy air particles that seep in even through closed windows.  Yet, weeks later, we are still enjoying fresher air, clearer eyes and wide-open nasal passages!

So many gadgets today require lengthy setup and constant cleaning.  Many chug along with outdated technology.  But today's pollution problems require more advanced methods. We need an entirely new approach to fighting pollutions and allergens.  For us, Molekule continues to be the solution.

This high-tech device enables us to breathe air that has been purified - not simply filtered.  Molekule actually destroys the pollutants, allergens and other harmful elements floating through our inside air.  You can read the technical details for yourself, but this device pulls in pollutants that are nearly 1,000 smaller than HEPA filters would even notice as they passed on through.

If you want to stop sneezing and suffering, you have nothing to lose by trying Molekule yourself.  I'll wager you will soon be breathing more easily and sneezing less as quickly as we did.  Remember to be careful as you begin your own research into air purification devices.  

Try not to be taken in by cute commercials or "fake news" regarding machines that release ozone in your environment.  Sadly, some people still believe the claims of ozone-generating machines that they "clean" indoor air.  Not true!  You do not want to add ozone to your environment!

Studies prove ozone can cause life-long health problems.  Molekule, however, offers safe, patented technology.  Their revolutionary machine has been proven to actually destroy hazardous ozone and is even safe for families with pets.

Recapture the exhilaration of breathing fresh, clean air.  Since Molekule even purifies air in New York City apartments, it's bound to make a difference where you live.


Planning for Success?

"If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure..."

Whether you credit Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill or other historically successful personalities, they all lived by that rule.  As for me, it only took many years (!) of trial and error to discover that truth.  Perhaps you also have tried - and tossed - planners and appointment diaries that drop as each new year approaches.  But, here's another fact:  any system - or tool - must fit the user.  

I have tried enough digital planning systems, paper notebooks and ways to combine tasks, follow ups and reminders that I could open a specialty store.  Even so, my latest find looks to be a perfect fit.  Look what the creator of the highly regarded Spark Notebook has developed.

Behold the Volt Planner from https://inkandvolt.com/product/volt-planner/  

From the mind of well-known tech exec Kate Matsudaira, comes a truly rewarding experience - an expanded planner that demands to be put to work.  Of course, to keep you returning to add your info each day, you need to combine some fun along with your productivity.  That rare combination, found in the Volt Planner, helps remind you that we only take seriously the goals that we write down.

What's so unique?  From the simplest idea, a diary/planner that actually folds flat to make the physical process of writing a pleasure... to the more elaborate, sections to include your weekly and monthly goals, plus, space to celebrate your achievements.  Why wait til the end of a month... or year, to acknowledge your successes or determine which areas need more attention?

The Volt is a tracking system, planner and sophisticated partner for your business and personal life.

For me, I need the regular boosts of tips, reminders and quotes to help inspire me.  You favorites might be the sections that impel you to challenge yourself.  Those blank space sections are crying for you to clarify your ideas and plans.  Write with a fountain pen if you wish - not just for the additional commitment that might inspire, but also because the pleasure of using a fountain pen, and the paper quality which can easily handle top shelf ink.  

You might even find others paying more attention to you once you move away from the pencils, bypass the ball points, and find a distinctive fountain pen.  After all, you ARE a class act, right?

So, don't just think about your goals.  You can still get your own Volt Planner in time for the holiday season.  More details at:
https://inkandvolt.com/product/volt-planner/  Start writing down those ideas, goals and plans.  Include all your appointments, even some idle thoughts and idea-starters.

You have plenty of room, with more than 270 pages of space available.  Most of all, you will discover enhanced versatility that is singularly adaptable, fun to use and may lead to those higher levels of achievements you crave, starting in 2017.  It's your life, so whatever helps you become inspired is worth it.


California Taste Triumph

Organic Enzo Olive Oils 

Several years ago, we visited friends in Tuscany during the olive harvest in spite of the region's chilly November weather.  

We did so because our friends had often shared their delicious wines and olive oil with us and we were determined to learn if an even fresher oil experience was possible.  As with most Italians who are blessed with a bit of land, our friends divide their property between grape vines and olive trees.

Naturally, a trip to almost any scenic area known for fine wine and oil can be worthwhile. But, why wait for overseas travels?  For example, I was lucky enough recently to sample an oil from the Ricchiuti family, who have farmed in central California for over 100 years.  And In recent years, their extra virgin oils have added another success story to their highly regarded line of commodities.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit an area where olives are being harvested and pressed, the aroma will linger in your memory even longer than the magnificent flavor. 
With wine, of course, only long after pressing and bottling can you enjoy the flavor and fragrance.  Olives, however, are pleased to give up their best immediately, so you can treat yourself even before the oil is bottled.

You might imagine that after generations of nurturing olive groves in Italy, a family might enjoy a reasonable amount of success in a similar climate. So it is with the Ricchiuti family, who have further elevated their reputation with this season’s line of oils from their California groves under the name of Enzo's Table.

After sipping, nosing, tasting and enjoying what I call their "super Californian," I was thrilled to rediscover within the attractive bottle of their latest offering, the familiar, fresh-pressed fragrance found in the finest olive oils worldwide.  

The Enzo's Table line can also help those new to the "Tuscan tingle," along with their full range of expressive oil varieties.

Meanwhile, prepare yourself for an extra-virgin oil with a frontoio-fresh aroma that dances up your nostrils and across your taste buds, encouraging many sample sips.  Then, add the terrific tingle to any dish calling for a uniquely fine olive oil.

Even lovers of lighter oils may find themselves drawn to the intensely powerful experience presented in Enzo’s Organic Estate Grown Bold, though their choices are extensive.You will likely want several bottles to make it through this season, along with more to share as gifts. Find their oils and other treats at: enzostable.com  Here, you may also choose the option to be notified at each season's freshest bottling.  

Why simply offer wine and flowers when visiting friends?  This oil is an experience that may well become an every day treat, and lead you to fervently hope the Ricchiutis might best their efforts next season!

In case you're wondering, I no longer wait for trips to visit friends in Italy to bring home marvelous Italian-style products.


Stop Aging?

             Sounds impossible, yes?  Well, we DO have people working on that - if you believe the stories surrounding some of GOOGLE's current projects.

What to do in the meantime?  No junk science, please.  First, to potentially slow the aging of your skin and other organs, keep that bottle of water at hand - at home and the office - and keep refilling it.  Lubrication from the inside is a must to keep your pipes flowing and your hair, skin... you know the rest... all functioning at maximum efficiency.

The other step is where Dyson comes in to play, counteracting that insufferable dryness that afflicts so many.  Take a look at what the devilishly clever inventor James Dyson has created this time.  (Yes, that Dyson, of vacuum fame and other world-renowned gadgetry)  So, speaking of aging, New York City and many other regions fight ancient plumbing and dry heat for long periods each year.   That dryness causes nostrils to plug up and skin to feel crackly.  Unhealthy?  Absolutely!  Contributing to faster aging?  Obviously!  Plus, you can almost watch as your wood furniture cracks and splits.

To help with this desert dryness challenge, Dyson created a new humidifier.  This unit combines the quiet efficiency of Dyson's patented "air multiplier" technology with a new ultrasonic system that manages to kill 99.9% of the bacteria often found in older ultrasonic models.

Just as with certain high-end water treatment systems using UVC light, this humidifier helps destroy much of the insidious particles that used to be spread throughout our environment.  And, when you can feel the improved breathing and the drop in static electricity from the first day, you realize you have discovered something special.

Like me, you probably tried other humidifiers, only to meet these frustrating challenges:

•  Noisy fans
•  Poor coverage area
•  Limited control choices
•  Uneven spreading water droplets
•  Heavy to lift and difficult to refill
•  Ugly and space hogging

Not so with Dyson's humidifier.  With a small footprint, we found the coverage area easily spreads throughout a large bedroom or an office area of nearly 190 square feet.  You can even set the  humidity level you prefer and the unit maintains it.  This enables the humidifier to remain active longer without over-saturating the air or spreading excessive moisture on the furniture.

In addition, the dual-usage aspect could be a tremendous benefit.  You won't just use the Dyson as a humidifier to relieve the driest stretches of winter.  Since it is also a fan, in hotter months, the air multiplier will be an added blessing to rooms needing steady, fresher air without blade noise.

To sum up: all excuses to postpone refilling the water tank have been eliminated.  A carry handle is built in to the tank top, helping you easily lift and carry it to the sink with one hand.  Plus, a small remote control has been thoughtfully magnetized so it holds to the top of the machine when not sitting bedside or in the desk area.

See?  Controlling the weather is now as simple as pushing a button in the palm of your hand.  As far as stopping aging?  Let's see what Mr. Dyson next presents to us!


Cook with Authority

Anolon Authority, that is...  

Thought occurred to me today while sliding my frittata smoothly off my Anolon skillet on to a plate - being creative in the kitchen is much easier when your cookware cooperates.  (Brilliant, I know)

With the increasing demand for higher-quality pots and pans, even in the non-stick category, you must still digest the fine print before you purchase.  Be certain none of the old chemicals proven to be unhealthy are present.  Will you want to slip it in to the oven from time to time?  And, how about upkeep?

Friends of mine find it amusing that annually for the past several years, I have tested a range of cookware offerings, searching for the ultimate in design and construction.  

It seems there was always a feature lacking, or some quirk that prevented me from picking up more than a couple of pieces for long-term use.  But now, I can cross this category off my search list.

In recent weeks, I have concentrated my focus on preparing meals using the latest creations from Anolon  and am pleased to report their latest versions resist even my clumsier experiments.  Of course, their line has been known for quality and versatility for decades.  But now, the only challenge is to determine which of their newest models and sizes best fit your needs.

Until I began cooking more frequently, I would have been satisfied with a display of quality, hard anodized cookware, perhaps even in copper, largely to impress.  Previously, I could often survive with just an "Everything" pan.  Now, with more of my free time spent expanding my kitchen skills, the old saying "use the right tool for the right job" has finally sunk in.  Plus, a certain amount of self respect occasionally urges me onward.  So...

Here's what makes Anolon Authority cookware the right tools for me:

• Dishwasher safe
• Free from PFOA 
• High-quality hard anodized construction
• OK to use good quality metal utensils 
• Handles designed to fit your hand more comfortably
• OK in ovens up to 500F
• True non-stick (even with eggs, though some of us still like a touch of oil for flavor)
• Results are both pleasing to the eye and appealing to the taste buds

Pick up a piece or two.  You may find yourself adding a full set to your holiday "wish list"

In a hurry?  Enjoy ideas from their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/anolon  
or Facebook:  facebook.com/anolon


Healthy Snacks and Superfoods

Taste bud alert.  Time to dig in to a few of the newest flavorful treats from around the globe from the annual Fancy Food Show in New York City.

First up, cookies.  Who doesn't love the satisfying deliciousness of a well-baked cookie?  Lenny & Larry are two pals with a passion for protein and a fondness for fitness who set out to create a unique lineup of cookies, muffins and brownies - minus trans fats, dairy and eggs.

Crammed with 16 - 20 grams of protein and helpfully vegan, these baked treats from Lenny & Larry's helps you maintain your fighting form while they appeal to your taste buds.  I tried several flavors at the show- each flavorful without "diet" or artificial taste.  At www.lennylarry.com you can see their protein-boosting choices, all minus the sugar load found in many so-called healthy snack bars.


For liquid refreshment, one of the healthiest choices in the category includes tart cherry juice, a daily must-have product for many athletes - professional or otherwise.  www.cheribundi.com is a primary purveyor, presenting over 50 cherries worth of tasty, gluten-free tartness per eight ounce bottle.

Why do so many tout tart cherries?  Over 100 sports teams are now regular customers, partly due to the ability of tart cherries to speed recovery from aches & pains.  Other claimed benefits: relief from gout (highly unpleasant, any relief is a blessing) and improved sleep.  The company offers a "seven day challenge" so you can determine results for yourself.  

This delicious drink also makes a healthy mixer since the ingredients are all derived from tart cherries - not concentrate.  One more tastebud pleasing option to building better health.


This might surprise you, a Super Food derived from tree leaves.  Not just any tree.  Look for products made from Moringa and you will find this age-old plant to be a "Superfood."  Thousands of years old, this amazing tree provides enormous amounts of nutrition and is well-suited to its West African nickname, the "miracle tree."  

The market is rapidly expanding world-wide for Moringa, with its nutrient-rich, easy to digest qualities.  Studies prove the leaf is loaded with minerals, iron, calcium and vitamins.  And, it's not just for vegans or vegetarians.  Moringa satisfies the nutritional requirements as a "complete" protein.

One source is a company developed by former Peace Corps volunteer, Lisa Curtis.  She created Kuli Kuli Foods, which is also building sustainable incomes for women in Africa.  Lisa is now spreading the benefits of this leafy powerhouse across the U.S. with http://kulikulifoods.com

Now ready for "prime time," Moringa is one of the healthiest food sources on the planet.  Enjoy its benefits in tea form, snack bars or powder.  It tastes terrific in salads, smoothies or mixed in with various dishes.  Happy experimenting. 


Animal Lovers, Welcome

It's here... The DysonCinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy     

What is your "must have" feature when choosing a vacuum cleaner?  We all have at least one that tops others.  But, what if... you discovered a game-changing vacuum that offered all the features you crave?

For me, any vacuum that can avoid the need to clean filters or empty bags gets my attention right away.  So, my eyes lit up (sad, perhaps) during my current research which included this futuristic new Dyson - especially the upright model, though their cordless and canister versions are also feature-rich.  This big ball baby is truly a different species of animal.

Over the years I have been following technology, companies and inventors I respect, Mrs. O and I have owned our share of Dysons.  Home, office, wherever we put down roots for longer than a month - along came our Dyson.  

Today, results show their new Cinetic technology helps the company rise again to sit among top-of-the-line vacuums.  Dyson continues to revolutionize vacuuming.  First significant benefits we noticed: the room air seems fresher almost immediately. And the longer the machine runs, the cleaner the air feels, helped by the tight seal around the bin plus the advanced HEPA filtration.

How about suction power?  Of course a number of vacuums offer decent "pull," but swirl this animal around your carpet and you may be surprised at the Animal Allergy's grip.  Pile is brushed and spread so well that it achieves a deep clean we have not previously noted.

When using the Animal Allergy to vacuum areas that had just been cleaned by other machines, we were astonished at how much more grime it sucked in.  If you have pets, this model assuredly will open your eyes (and nose) to healthier breathing.

Compare your ideal features to those you find in the Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy and decide for yourself. Is it finally time to move on up?

• Bagless - with NO filters to wash (huge!)
• Every imaginable attachment for almost any vacuuming job
   -  Turbine tool is amazing on beds, chairs, couches, fabrics, etc
   -  Soft brushes keep floors clean with no scratching
   -  Tools specifically for stairs, reaching up and under, tiny crevices
• Helps clear the air of allergens, dust, pet dander and other unwanted particles
• Long cord covers large area at a time
• Easy-to-reach on-off button and floor/carpet button (to turn on/off rug brush)  

Last thing: It is still true that the "never loses suction" benefit for which Dyson vacuums are famous is alive and well in the Animal Allergy.  The Cinetic tech helps the machine snatch pollen and mold spores from your environment and locks them in to the bin.  It all works so well that no pre-motor filter is needed.  That helps keep these new Dysons as maintenance free as you can find anywhere.   

Save time, save money and enjoy a cleaner home or office.  This and other enticing developments can be found here: http://www.dyson.com/


Resolution Revolution

How is that resolution going?  Your plan to eat healthier this year?

If you still find the challenge a bit more strenuous than you imagined, here is a super solution.  Grab a copy of the HEALTHY SLOW COOKER REVOLUTION from "America's Test Kitchen Bookstore."  Not familiar with their stellar reputation for cook books, product recommendations and recipes?  Prepare yourself for fabulous treats.

You really can create delicious meals with a slow cooker.  And, you can simply add the ingredients before work, then return home to new and welcoming fragrances floating from your kitchen.  Or, ease out the door each morning with a spring in your step from a healthy breakfast - not just the temporary boost from a quick cup of coffee.  You need a nutritious start to keep your energy up, whether dieting or not.

As always, the key is: the right tool for the right job.  And if you have no proper slow cooker, fear not.  This new book sorts out the best and discusses ratings while introducing new and updated recipes.

Dieting is such a drain on your time, energy and mood.  But, it need not drain your pocketbook or strain your tastebuds.  The creators of Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines have been trusted go-to kitchen experts for years.  With this new offering, you can discover some wonderful ways to enjoy deliciously memorable, even low-sodium treats.

Slow cooking no longer equates to basic beef stew or watery soups and boring bean dishes.  Even if you are not a braising professional or a wine aficionado, you will soon be treating your friends and family, and most of all, pleasing yourself with your new range of  meals, easily prepared from over 200 recipes.

Bet you didn't know you can even quickly create terrific, tasty salads with a slow cooker.  And, you won't even need your apron.  

Start here: http://slowcookerhealthy.com 


Dueling Tastebuds

Here's your chance to attend one of the most glorious food events anywhere.  Again this year, one of the best reasons to include a London visit in your vacation plans this June is the "Taste of London" festival.  (Click link to see what the deliciousness is all about)

Even world-famous chefs refer to this annual bash as the best event for true food fanatics, and with its unique energy and mouth-watering munching choices, you are guaranteed a good time.  Stop by for samplings from chefs you have admired on television as well as newcomers.  Enjoy tasting the very best from hugely popular restaurants - without paying the usual eye-watering prices.

What's more, you can attend lively events showing you exactly how to create many of the specialties at home, as you mingle with people from around the world.  Or, relax at outdoor tables and watch the world go by - literally - as you dive in to your chosen treats.  People watching is a marvelous London hobby and with the concentration of visitors from across the globe, you can rub elbows with a wide range of fascinating folks.  Everyone enjoys the massive party atmosphere, with the beautiful snacks, tidbits and meals making the day of tasting truly memorable.

Taste of London this year runs from June 18 through the 22nd, when the weather is normally perfect.  No humidity, pleasantly warm temps and an array of smells that may pull you back for another visit.  After all, any day you choose will cost less than one meal at many upscale restaurants.  And, you will find no better way to experience the world-famous Regent's Park in the Marylebone area of London.  Plan your trip with the help of these event details and ticket info: http://london.tastefestivals.com/about/  

All that lovely dining, plus activities and fun that appeal to your entire family just may be the highlight of your whole London trip.   It's as if every chef you ever wanted to see, and every variety of food you could imagine - were gathered in one location for your pleasure.

Hey, that's exactly what it is! 


London Tourism

     London offers enormous excitement year-round, but Spring is especially inviting.  As one of the world's most magnificent walking cities, you will find it challenging to spend much time indoors.  However, when you need to give your feet a break, one option also enables you to soothe your soul.
     The Royal Academy of Music (www.ram.ac.uk) welcomes you to a series of free midday concerts, often three times a week.  This is a marvelous stop in The Regent's Park area of the city, with performances lasting just under an hour, starting at 1:05pm - promptly.  After a stroll through Regent's Park, one of London's most beautiful, and lovelier than Hyde Park, wander down to the York Gate park exit.  
     One block away and very close to Madame Tussaud's, you can't miss the historical music venue on Marylebone Road.  Check the website ahead of time to plan your lunch for before or after your concert.  During the season, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays present the best chances to enjoy free seating and to escape from crowds.  Arrive 15 minutes early to unwind and ensure your choice of seats in the intimate recital room or concert hall.
     Another reason to check the Academy's website is to determine whether that day's musical offerings fit your mood and taste.  And if your post-concert hunger leans more toward casual shopping, directly across the road lies the beginning of the fashionably fun Marylebone High Street.  Many of London's finest shops await you, with service and attention you will find to be very welcoming, along with an appealing variety of restaurants.
     By the way, evening concerts are often featured at the Royal Academy of Music, too, with modest admission fees, but those last a bit longer and might require some schedule juggling - if your London plans also include shows in the West End or any of the many other attractions.
     Whatever you do, if you have not yet visited London, even stopping for a few days will provide memorable highlights and fantastic pictures to launch your European holiday.