Bamboo: NOT just for pandas anymore...

With our economy forcing us to become environmentally aware, we still find good news: Including a wealth of options previously unavailable.  Take bamboo.  Increasingly, eco-friendly bamboo can be found in sheets, night gowns - even underwear.  Not only is it wonderfully comfortable and breathable - it's also a terrific renewable resource.  Since last fall, design improvements make the new bamboo/cotton fabric combo a marvelous choice for both comfort and the environment.  
Even packaging is "green-inspired," like DKNY's Eco Tech line.  Their reps tell me that as consumers choose to become more responsible with product choices, we are also choosing enviro-friendly garments.  Using bamboo in wearable products helps make the world greener while making us more comfortable.  At home, we splurged on a set of bamboo sheets that are amazingly soft and comfortable.  
Back to underwear, though.  Bamboo/cotton blends from DKNY and C-in2 help create uniquely soft yet durable fabrics that stand up to machine washing but remain soft and sturdy.  We now live in an era where we must live more responsibly and when we can enjoy products at the same time, so much the better.  C-in2 co-founder Jason Zambuto is especially proud of the new support design in his men's line which they are constantly improving.
You can find these two brands in major stores, but shopping online gives you a good head start and may lead you to enviro gift-giving also.  Search for "bamboo" at www.dkny.com and www.cin2.com for more info. Bamboo in fabrics - not just a fad, it's here to stay.

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