Green Kitchen ??

If your sponge smelled like mine did a couple weeks ago, you might go
looking for a new choice also. I finally got tired of waiting for my
sponge to stop smelling like last Thanksgiving's dinner. Wasn't gonna
So, I did some research to see if I couldn't find more environmentally
ways to clean those scummy dishes, etc. At last, success!

Boulder, CO-based Twist created a line of natural household products
that are
smart and simple. Couple I like a lot are the Loofah Sponge, a
and anti-bacterial replacement for those old grocery store models.
One side is
a good quality sponge. The other has a scour pad that's safer and
better as a
non-scratch cleaner.

The second item that excited me (it was a slow news day!) was/is their
Sponge Cloth. This one will absorb like your paper towels but is
really reusable
without staying slimy. Also biodegradable, this bad boy will last so
long you
may never buy paper towels again. See more details and other choices
by taking
a peek at: www.twistclean.com

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