Super Chocolate?

Super Chocolate? Mom's aren't the only chocolate lovers in the
family. Dad's and semi-normal people like me are huge fans of deep,
dark delicious chocolate. And now – I love the darker stuff even more
so after reading the growing number of news stories about how
chocolate can actually be good for you.

This past weekend, I was munching my way around the New Life Expo over
at the New Yorker Hotel. Couple times a year, yogis, new agers,
health nuts (like me) and other seekers visit - to see what's new in
the world of healthier living.

One highlight of the event for me was meeting "Chocolate Girl" (that's
what she calls herself) Vanessa Barg, the Founder and President of
Gnosis Chocolates. The other highlight was tasting a couple of her
incredible chocolate sensations. Gnosis, from the Greek word for
"knowledge," is quite fitting for Vanessa, because the lady sure does
know her chocolate. Her flavors will leap and dance across your
tastebuds and leave you gasping for mercy!

"OK, hold on," you say. "It's just chocolate!" Not so, my deprived
friend. Gnosis chocolates combine the most intense cacao bean flavors
with healthy ingredients that boost your brain and body health,
including known aphrodisiacs like vanilla beans, and Crystal Manna -
great for your immune system, brain, and other parts you should be
taking care of.

You gotta figure someone like Vanessa Barg – who also happens to be a
respected health counselor – knows what's good for you. Take it from
me – whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, Gnosis
Chocolates are unforgettable. Order online or find a shop near you: www.gnosischocolate.com

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