Travel Tip - Luggage

Seems like every time you fly somewhere, storage space in the plane's overhead or by your feet keeps shrinking.  Now, the latest new travel bags have hit the stores and a few might help you.  The most popular of these new generation of bags are often lighter, roll more smoothly and have better compartment designs.  If you're anything like me, you get tired of using old grocery store bags to protect clothes from dirty shoes).  

So, what size bag really gives you the best chance to roll smoothly down the airplane aisle as a carry-on?  Today, even most international flights let you roll with a 22-incher.  And with a sickly dollar plus high fuel prices, how many of us are flying overseas this year?  Anyway, one example that works for me is the new 22-inch from Eagle Creek, the Tarmac 22.  A light-weight eight pounds, it fits overhead in most aircraft.  The built-in organization system includes zippered compartments to help organize your stuff, and a shoebox that nicely stores shoes without being too bulky.  

Also helpful, the colors and design are more unique and easy to spot on the luggage carousel at the airport, without tying your old scarf around the handle.  I also appreciate how sturdy the Tarmac 22 feels and the ease of turning on its treaded wheels.   Plus, what's not to like about a lifetime guarantee?  See it at: www.eaglecreek.com   

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