The Eight Secrets to Getting Rich

So now, they aren't a secret any more...  
Business expert Felix Dennis was a clueless college drop-out, too poor to pay his rent.  As he says, he wasn't a business genius.  Oddly enough, he became extremely wealthy.  How?  What steps did he take and can we really do the same thing?  You'll get the details in his book "How To Get Rich: One of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets."
But, why wait?  Here's a head start - his Eight Secrets:
1)  Analyze your NEED.  Desire is not sufficient.  Compulsion is mandatory.
2)  Cut loose all negative influences.  Never give in.  Stay the course.
3)  Ignore so-called "great ideas."  Concentrate on great execution.
4)  FOCUS!  Keep your eye on the ball marked "The Money is Here."
5)  Hire talent smarter than you.  Delegate.  Share the annual pie.
6)  Ownership is the real "secret."  Hold on to every percentage point you can.
7)  Sell before you need to, or when you get bored.  Empty your mind when negotiating.
8)  Fear nothing and no one.  Get rich.  Remember to give it all away.

Shall we get started?

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