Ignore Your Teeth - and They'll Go Away

Literally. My dentist is a comedian. Well, he thinks he is. I'm in for my cleaning and such and he's asking me if I've changed my toothbrush in the past few years. I figured he was complaining about my garlic breath, but no. Not this time. He's reminding me that once again, I'm behind the times. I'm one gadget shy of helping keep my teeth another few decades.
Who knew we were supposed to change toothbrushes every few months? I figured, you buy a toothbrush and you're set til the bristles fall out. No such luck. Not only that, you can't just rinse the thing out. Millions of ugly bacteria can happily breed and party on in that happy, moist environment of your toothbrush. You don't want that. Neither do I. What to do?
One good option: the "VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer & Storage System." Sounds like a prize on the "Price is Right" - and it should be! This little wonder uses a special UV (ultraviolet light) that eliminates (kills) germs and bacteria. Same thing your dental pro uses in her office as well as better hospitals. (Who knows what lesser facilities do?)
Well, it must have been fate, cause a few weeks later, I'm attending a media event called Hot Housewares for the Holiday over at the Hilton, and what do I see? Yes, a display with the newest VIOlights. "That's it. A must have," I said. Plus, each model is so simple a big-time radio star can use it (!) Regular toothbrushes, fancy electric brushes... there's a model perfect for you and your family.
All you do is place your toothbrush (up to four at a time) in the VIOlight and it automatically zaps the bad guys in about ten minutes. They also have a travel version and a new model called "Zapi" which will also amuse the kids and help get them in the habit of sanitizing their brushes. Zapi sits on the counter, rocking maniacally while happily sterilizing. Of course you want the full scoop, so go here: www.violight.com And keep your mouth clean. You never know who might visit.

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