Cooking with Diamonds

One of the more enjoyable quests for me recently has been locating the finest cookware. Seem mundane? Not if you enjoy cooking - and that's one of my favorite hobbies. Whatever your hobby - just like your profession - you want the very best tools you can afford. Even if you cook occasionally, why not use the best you can afford? Of course, the "best" cookware might mean something totally different to you. So, if your criteria match mine, you may also agree with my choice for the very best cookware.

For me, the greatest cookware must include these features:

. quality construction without ridiculously high prices
. non-stick, but without the PFOA's that may cause health problems
. scratch resistant
. easy-to-clean
. classy looking (again without being overly expensive)
. long-lasting while being state-of-the-art
. excellent heat distribution
. ability to cook on just about any surface and any type of heating element
. attractive enough to display in a small - or large - kitchen

These are my main criteria and here's what I've discovered after buying and testing many different brands recently. Sure, some chefs claim you can't prepare true gourmet meals using non-stick cookware. Many non-sticks don't heat evenly and quickly get scratched in a busy kitchen. Plus, if you're in a hurry - like restaurants - you can't always take time to avoid damaging pans - during cooking and cleanup. But, suppose you could cook with pans coated with real diamond crystals?

You know diamonds are the hardest substances, but who knew they had such tremendous abilities to conduct heat evenly? Thanks to a marvelous invention, Swiss Diamond USA (www.swissdiamondusa.com) is turning out remarkable cookware even a top chef can appreciate. Their pots and pans are so terrific and affordable - even those of us who seldom cook can create terrific meals at home and enjoy using them with no worries. You can even pop these beauties right into the oven up to 500 degrees if necessary.

Fry, sear, sauté, create amazing soups and sauces, wonderful pasta dishes - cook just about anything - with the wide variety of shapes and sizes. New designs, I'm told, are also on the way. You can even save money using these pans compared to the super-expensive "name" brands, and you can save energy. The even conductivity and heating help you achieve tremendous results using low or medium heat.

Their website includes reviews from two of the most trusted sources anywhere: Consumers Digest and Cooks Illustrated. The short story: through the combination of Swiss ingenuity, nano-technology (all the rage in product development) and real diamond crystals - this is a near-indestructible, permanent purchase.

The company's unique process coats each pan with Swiss Diamonds to ensure a lifetime of non-stick performance goodness. And yes, these pans come with a limited lifetime warranty. So, if like me you've been wasting money buying cheap pans every few years and tossing them when the non-stick surface started to look like a hockey rink after a playoff game - those days are gone! If one of these pans cracks, blisters or peels (like all my old non-sticks eventually did), Swiss Diamond will repair or replace it.

You can stick them in the dishwasher, but to be certain all the grease and gunk is removed - it's best to hand wash. That won't take long since they are easy to care for.
In addition to the high praise these pans received from chefs and other reviewers, Swiss Diamond also grabbed the Gold Medallion in Geneva at the Inventor's Fair.

These pans are precision engineered, professional quality and easy to care for. I'm not a professional chef but I have abused my share of pans in the past. Swiss Diamond pans have super-hard surface but they're not too heavy to be comfortable. They fit your hand perfectly and look terrific. With their pressure-cast aluminum construction they're not gonna warp. Ever. Stack one of these pans up with any of your current cookware pieces and you may well toss out all your old cookware. I did. You can buy sets in different sizes or try individual pieces at a time. Put these on your "must have" list. (www.swissdiamondusa.com)

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