Are You A Slacker?

I am, and perhaps you should be as well.

Here's what I'm talking about. When you listen to the radio for a while, you eventually end up thinking, "I can program more appealing music than this." Now you can and fortunately it's easy. Matter of fact, you can even program your group of stations - quickly and easily, then take your stations along with you. Even your iPod can't do that. But now, you can discover a world of constantly changing music that fits your changing moods. A whole world of stations are already pre-set, but you can easily customize each to make it your own if you wish.

How is this different from your iPod or satellite radio? Slacker (http://www.slacker.com) is an Internet radio service with a huge difference. The word: "INTERACTIVE." Sure Slacker offers the usual genres, but adds specialty, and artist stations pre-programmed by professional DJs. As a user, you can build your own stations of specific artists. Better, your stations can continue to evolve as you rate songs as favorites and even ban artists or songs. Stations can also be fine tuned to play older or newer music, more hits or more eclectic music.

What's more, Slacker has released a new portable player called "Slacker G2." Many experts (and users) feel this is a huge evolution. The G2 is the world's only completely portable Personal Radio player. With Slacker's patent-pending radio delivery network, it automatically downloads and continuously refreshes thousands of personally selected songs on each player, and turns them into personalized radio stations. And guess what? All this is free. Because G2 players don't have to be connected to Wi-Fi to play, you can listen to CD quality, personalized radio wherever you go.

Let's face it: you can't skip a song while listening to a traditional radio station. You'd have to change channels. And, to customize your listening on an mp3 player, it takes a lot of time editing and tagging. I think the future has arrived if you want to combine listening to new music as you focus on your favorite artist or genre. Lastly, with the G2 from Slacker, you can choose different storage capacities so you can add your own personal library to the player as well. There's a lot more to discover and enjoy at (http://www.slacker.com). Frankly, with the massive bite the current economy has taken out of the media - both Slacker's website and their G2 Player make me thankful I don't rely solely on traditional radio to pay the rent!

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