Are You An Inventor?

Perhaps your burning desire is to avoid the commuting nightmare with
just ONE terrific idea. How about a brainstorm that would be so hot -
people everywhere would have to buy it? Then, one day it comes to
you... but, what to do? How can you market your brainstorm? Who can
you turn to as an unbiased, honest mastermind group? Perhaps, you've
seen late-night commercials screaming, "Inventors - learn how to
retire filthy rich in two weeks!"
Possible? I dunno, but here's another option to consider:
Why not get help from a company with a proven track record and people
who know how to take your brilliant creation through the whole process
- startup through patenting and marketing. Check the creds at www.absolutelynew.com
Now, these Absolutely New folks aren't wild-eyed wackos looking to
steal your stuff. Of course, a few of them may be wild-eyed, but you
might be too if you had previously worked at companies like Apple,
Motorola, The Sharper Image, Microsoft and others.
Anyway, these consumer products whiz kids have worked real jobs
(unlike me) and they're ready to go to work for you. Based in San
Francisco and founded in 2003, their staff of 80 experts has already
helped over 2,700 inventors and brokered over 100 deals.
Maybe you can come up with a new way to hammer nails without bashing
your fingers to shreds. Ooops! Already been done. See the Nail
Driver. One of the newer projects now available with help from these
folks and which you'll see at www.absolutelynew.com.
So, if you think you have the next must-have gadget and you don't know
where to turn, turn to the Absolutely New crew and they may even help
with financing ideas. They also earned the coveted status of
Certified Professional member of the distinguised, not-for-profit
United Inventors Association. You can see their projects online,
including my favorite:
The Side Solution pillow, invented by Dr. Paul Mettler, a well-known
physical therapist. Kinda crazy looking thing but if you - like me -
are one of the 50% of adults who sleeps on your side, this is a
marvelous creation. It's a new pillow design to help support people
who might get aches and pains from scrunching up their head, neck,
etc. Take a peek - and boost your creative juices - at www.absolutelynew.com
Me, I'm still thinking of ways to improve velcro. Stay tuned...

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