Safer, Better Cleaning System

I'm proud to have made several Korean friends over the years. Generally, I dislike generalizations (!), but the ones I know are terrific folks and always gracious about sharing their centuries-old culture with its delicious cuisine. And their homes are spotless! Which reminds me, they have many ideas that we can put to use in the healthy living category. (http://haanusa.com/)

One example: Heated floors! Sounds simple perhaps, but having lived in a home with heated floors years ago, there's nothing like it. Imagine being able to walk around barefoot in the winter - no socks, no shoes - and feeling the toasty boards below your toes. I loved it. Koreans call that aspect of their culture, "Ondol," and it has kept Korean families crawling around on their floors many times during the day to keep them so pristine. You can imagine the challenge for us to live that way here, but hold on...

Can we possibly keep our newly cleaned floors free of germs? Well, how do you currently protect your children and pets? How are you protecting them from the ghastly bugs, creatures, bacteria, viruses, scum... well, you get the idea. Living in the city, as the song goes, ain't always easy. But, it sure can be a lot cleaner and much more pleasant. What's more - listen to me now - you can make cleaning much less expensive. Got your attention?

Quick story: Not long ago, a brilliant lady named Romi Haan came up with an idea. Romi is a housewife and mother, from a culture that places high value on cleanliness. So, putting in to action the proven business system we all know (find a need then fill it,) she developed a wonderful way to clean floors. (http://haanusa.com/)

Among the many benefits: You can eliminate costly cleaners you've been pouring money down the drain - along with your money - for years. And, you won't need all those hazardous scrubbing powders, solutions or cleaning aids that can be harmful to you, your family and your pets.

You may have seen infomercials on television with various steam cleaning gadgets, but Mrs. Haan's versions are Steve O'Brien "must-haves!" Here's why. Many other tools using steam to clean are mighty power-hungry, often burning up 1500 or more watts of power, which equals higher energy costs. And, other models may be heavier, awkward to use and bulkier. The FS-20 Floor Sanitizer uses only 800w watts whereas most other steam mops on the market use 1500w. It weighs less than 4 lb. with a tank of water.

The HS-20 handheld steamer uses only 1000w. And comes with plenty of attachments for special cleaning projects. Pull the trigger for short blasts or get continuous steam with the touch of a button.

And, don't think lower power means lower bug-killing or cleaning ability. The hand-held HS-20 (under three pounds) gives you 15 full minutes of steam-blasting, dust mite killing, odor-destroying, sanitizing goodness. Yes, it cuts grease - even the hardened gunk on your bbq grill. Plus, it blasts through bacteria in tiny crevasses around sinks, tubs and just about anywhere.

You don't want e. coli bacteria lurking around to sicken you or your kids. You don't want any dangerous salmonella partying on your cutting board or counter top. You'll also be pleased to discover that you can often skip grabbing your iron and ironing board by using the HS-20 to touch up wrinkles on your clothing.

Get ready to cross off those nasty, expensive chemicals from your shopping list forever - and help your budget, too. Remember, clothing, bedding and furniture don't need a phony "fresh" smell that comes from various chemicals to actually be clean. Get used to truly healthy clean by using germ-killing, dust mite destroying steam. Everything will sparkle and smell naturally fresh without artificial odors or chemicals.

Don't let me hear you say, "Steve, sweetheart - I already have a MOP!" Consider the germs and evilness breeding happily in that mop. You can clean better, faster and more safely with your Haan steam cleaning sanitizer. The FS-20 Floor Sanitizer even has an attachment which makes it easy to glide across your carpeting, couch cushions, chairs and beds - killing dust mites and germs while freshening and deodorizing these softer surfaces on its way.

You've seen the kids play with your pet, after kitty or rover have been licking spills off the floor or dragging in dirt from outside on their paws. Arm yourself with the 21st Century method of making your home cleaner, safer and more enjoyable. The FS-20, for example, will clean - and sanitize - more than hard wood floors. Using nothing but tap water which heats in under three minutes, you'll be zipping across linoleum, marble, slate, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, stone - and any sealed hard floor surface.

No rushing either cause once you fill it up, it keeps going for 20 minutes. Yes, the strong microfiber pads are easily cleaned in the washer and are reusable, over and over. They dry the floor as quickly as it is steam cleaned. You'll find yourself using these gadgets at home, in your workshop, your car, your boat - even on your golf clubs!

Prove it to yourself, first by checking the video demos through (http://haanusa.com/). These products are such winners, the next time you hear about them, you may find them winning a design award at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Don't you love discovering well-made products that can be such time and money-saving life changers? Me, too.

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