Everybody Wrap Now

Sadly, I'm thinking my chances of becoming a master rapper have likely slipped away.  Poor timing, plus I just couldn't invest the required effort.  Happily, I have another choice - and, so do you.  We can become "Wrap Masters" thanks to www.wrapmasterusa.com.  I always count on the folks who bring their goodies to the International Home & Housewares shows to present terrific new discoveries and timely ideas.

Recent news stories about salmonella and other food-borne illnesses piqued my interest and boosted my usual razor-sharp focus, leading me to the Wrap Masters.  

When you become a wrapmaster, you may well enjoy safer kitchens, preserve your fingertips, save time and get organized all at once.  Your kitchen doubtless contains stretchy plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, etc.  But when cooking, most of us don't reach for the proper wrap til after our fingers are slimy, sticky or coated with bacteria from raw meat, fish or chicken.

Before wrapmaster, my various foil and other rolls were clumped together under the sink, sticking to one another, a pain to grab when needed.  The old-fashioned way makes the rolls too hard to use in their original boxes - and the blades often imbed themselves in fingers.  No more!  Once you use wrapmaster you'll say, "Why didn't I come up with this?"  

Couple models to choose from so simply pick the proper dispenser for your needs.  Then, toss out the original store box and pop the roll into your attractive new dispenser.  No more gooping up your kitchen.  Each model has a patented cutting blade and specially designed blade.  You'll slice through foil, plastic, wax paper... without slicing your fingers.  Stop those rolls from leaping off the counter and unravelling across the floor, trailing liquids and messing your cooking area.  A nifty safety shield and unique roller system keeps your favorite wrap, masterfully waiting for you.  I appreciate how the concealed blade also helps preserve inquisitive fingers of your little chefs-in-waiting, keeping them safer.

Stick 'em in a drawer (not the kids), take tailgating, park 'em by the grill... they're pretty nice looking and easy to use.  What's not to like?  Focus on your cooking with no wrapping challenges.  
Here's how: www.wrapmasterusa.com 

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