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Is there really a "green revolution?"  Apparently so with the variety of companies increasing their product line so quickly.  Take my pals at Twist, for example (www.twistclean.com)
Not long ago I told you about their recyclable sponges and sponge cloths which are superb products.  So, here they come again with more eco-conscious ways to save the environment while offering first-class cleaning results.  As we know, many eco-friendly options are not necessarily cost-cutters.  Fortunately, the reverse is true with the twist cleaners.
The website adds a nifty new array of choices to an already cost effective line.  One of my favorites - and still made from renewable raw materials - is the "porcupine sponge."  Not as rough as it may sound, this sponge adds little sections of brush bristles throughout the regular surface to help de-scum tougher messes.
Good place for you to start if you're new to Twist Cleaning is with one of their "Naked Sponges."  Naked to them means no colors, chemicals or unpleasant additions common to many ordinary sponges.  Plus, you're likely to find these biodegradable babies will last longer than most.
Speaking of good value, their European Sponge Cloth should save you a bundle, since each one is the equivalent to nearly 17 rolls of paper towels.  The website will open your eyes to their growing product line and give you some darn good ideas about which to use in your home or office.  Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing what they create next.
Find Twist products in many stores as well as online: www.twistclean.com.  Who knows, perhaps soon they'll feature a better dish soap.  Or, how bout a biodegradable broom?  

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