Eat Like An Aztec

"Why," you ask? First, research shows the highly advanced Aztec civilization enjoyed superb health. They were vigorous people with stamina we used to have as youngsters. Of course, their diet was quite a bit different than ours, too. The good news is - it wasn't that complicated. And, even with your busy life, you can eat the same way - at least part of the time - and feel the difference.

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Salba is a tiny seed with a huge potential. Nature crammed it with a ton of nutrients and added the benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids. That's the stuff you want to add to your daily food regimen to help ensure your heart's health. Amazingly, two tablespoons of Salba just tops your body's requirements each day. So, if you're one of those strange people who never eats fish, Mom Nature provides Salba so you can still maintain healthy blood pressure and even improve mental clarity.
Back in 1991, two brothers from Argentina developed an advanced variety of the original seed. Today, Salba provides more dietary fiber than any other food as it helps your body's cholesterol levels. I like it because you can pour the seed into just about any other food or drink without changing the flavor. You might also appreciate that it's certified Kosher, low carb and Non-GMO.
Using Salba can help you digest your food better and slow the rise in blood sugar. All this helps you feel comfortably full sooner and is an easy way to achieve your weight goals. I discovered that taking about two tablespoons in the morning (yogurt, cereal juice or smoothies) helps me feel more full and lessens cravings as the day rolls on.
Today, Salba is classified as a "functional food," since it can help with diabetes, heart disease and weight challenges. So, no excuse not to try it. You can grab versions in whole seed, ground, tasty oil to use as you would olive oil - and now, even in handy gluten-free snack bars. Not surprisingly, it's the only seed that is patent-pending with all these powerful positives.
For any vegetarian or vegan, child or elderly person - and those of us in between - Salba is a terrific food choice to build maximum health. You'll find creative ideas and more details at www.salba.com as well as recipes and info on sustainability. One more thought: You'll be getting more calcium than in milk, more iron than spinach, as much vitamin C as seven oranges... and yes, way more omega-3's even than salmon. And if you hate broccoli, no worries. You'd have to gorge on broccoli to take in the magnesium Salba gives you. I could go on, but you should experience it yourself. Might sound a bit "hype-y," but in my search for the "perfect" food, so far nothing rates higher. And yes, I've been a flax consumer for years also, even going so far as to grind my own each day.
Now I'm saving time, saving money and still getting more fiber, too, simply by sashaying over to the Samba section of my kitchen cabinet. Why grind? Why blow your budget on piles of pills? And, why force yourself to add sawdust-like fiber products?

Caring for your family's health begins with you trying products like Salba that are backed not only by loads of research, but also by thousands of years of proven results. Those results include smoother joint function and smoother digest tract results, if you get my drift. Lastly, the pleasant, neutral taste makes eating Salba a no-brainer and a Steve O'Brien must-have food. That's www.salba.com

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