Fly – Like An Olympic Athlete

Always wanted to know what it feels like to be an Olympian, but not crazy about the prep? Well, this might be as close as you can come. I’ve been testing the super new men’s (and women’s) shoe line from Cole Haan, and my favorite so far called Zoom Flywire. Took me just one week, and I’m hooked.

For me, shoes have to be both comfortable and stylish. And you’re likely even pickier than I am. With Nike’s well-known history of high tech performance, it won’t shock you to hear that these shoes are a terrific evolution. What may shock you is the fact that the Zoom Flywire is even lighter and more comfortable than it appears. And, it does appear light. What’s more, you might even have to speed up your pace a bit to keep up your aerobic regimen. These Zoom Flywires are that light.

You probably saw Olympic athletes wearing them in Beijing and wondered if mere mortals would ever be able to try them. Well, you’re in luck. Cole Haan now has a couple of styles available and if you’re anything like me, you may have trouble taking them off. That’s because you won’t want to take them off. You'll be stepping so lightly you may feel as if you're flying. OK, sort of. But, these puppies are uniquely light and airy.

As part of Cole Haan Sporting (a collection just launched that showcases a variety of shoes with several Nike technologies), the Zoom Flywire is unique in both design and construction. You’ve seen suspension bridges, which are partly stabilized and supported by cleverly designed cables. Nike's brilliant techs figured they could achieve similar results by using tiny high-strength threads for support where your feet need it most.

Now, you enjoy super support with the Zoom Flywire with less weight than you expect - even among sport-type shoes. Plus, the new streamlined design is a real head-turner as people check out the threads woven into the shoe and ask you what the deal is. Well, the deal is – you can be one of the first in your crew to sport these revolutionary creations – and, see other designs including Air Turin and Air Logan, the latter a must-have golf shoe, if you hit their website quickly.

You feet will thank you, along with your back, calves, etc.

Oh, if you’d like a 30% discount – you better fly yourself and act fast! Use this code: spsale09 – good for men and women, but not for long. (I have no financial stake in this)

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