Fresher, Tastier, Healthier Food

Every week, my darling wife Cathy and I try to plan our menus. Doesn't seem to matter, cause stuff always comes up that changes our schedule. Even when we include plans for leftovers, we'll end up having to save a meal longer than we prefer. When the economy was racing ahead and prosperity seemed eternal, we still avoided wasting food. Today, I don't know anyone who wastes fresh fruits and veges, much less uneaten takeout meals.
My new favorite way to preserve food is a simple-to-use system to eliminate waste and save dollars. It's called Fresh Vac.
www.freshvac.com You can use these at home, work or carry with you since they're light and easily transportable. Years ago, I owned a couple of heavy containers that required a hand pump to create a vacuum seal. And they never stayed sealed for long. With these new Fresh Vac storage containers, each size let's you quickly force air out and create a long-lasting seal. This way, you can preserve your goodies much longer, maintaining both flavor and freshness.
We love to buy blueberries, salad greens and other fresh, healthy treats by the quart, since they won't go bad before we enjoy them in all their freshness.
Most containers we've tried in the past just trap the bad air inside, allowing unhealthy bacteria munch away on your food before you get back to it. I was looking for a proven reliable way to preserve our eats - and these work wonderfully.
Main reasons I'm now a FreshVac booster: you can shove 'em in the freezer, nuke 'em - then pop them in your dishwasher. Snap-down handles help prevent spilling the goods when I get clumsy and drop a container. Different sizes that stack on one another, without any BPA's used in manufacturing. And, no extra pumps or gadgets to buy, simply push on the lid to quickly create a super vacuum without electricity. New Lunchpacs available help you carry your containers with you - insulated and reusable, of course.
No, you don't have to buy a massive kit with dozens of containers. You can pick up individual units in a range of sizes or multiples. You also save storage space since they pack inside each other. You know that fresh, healthy food doesn't come cheap - unless you're a farmer. And, the good news is that Fresh Vac containers will pay for themselves in short order just from your savings in food $$.
I also enjoy how easy it is to marinate, steam and even wash foods in the containers.
And, since my wife tells an "amusing" tale about how I caught a ghastly case of food poisoning - on our honeymoon in the Caribbean from spoiled lobster salad - you'll understand why I would never carry anything like that to work, much less to the beach without vacuum sealing it in a Fresh Vac. See all the sizes with full details at: www.freshvac.com and stop eating dried out leftovers with no taste.

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