Kitchen Magic with Chef'n

Time to visit to a sad, but special room, one largely ignored by many people - especially New Yorkers. The kitchen. Yes, the lowly, often poorly designed, insanely small room that some people use solely for storage. I'm amazed by the number of people I know who rarely turn on a stove, preferring to order out for meals.

Naturally, you don't have to live in New York City to suffer from that syndrome. Call it laziness or the fact that cooking to many is considered either a time-waster or something they never cared to learn. Now however, as we search for ways to save a few bucks, the undiscovered kitchen territory is being sought after as an increasingly desirable destination. Other than dollars, here are a few examples of why magic is happening in the linoleum palace at home.

Go spend a few minutes with the folks at Chef'n: www.chefn.com and find products so well designed and useful, many are actual award-winners. Stop claiming you can't have fun, save money AND spend less time in the kitchen, creating marvelous meals. You can, if you visit their website.

After my better half and I ignored our diminishing bank account and bought an apartment in Manhattan, we realized that spending the fifty cents that remains in our wallets each week at restaurants - or on take out - are more challenging. What's more, even if you don't enjoy experimenting in the kitchen as we do, you may as well make the most of your time - and space - by picking up a few nifty items that turn chores into fun.

Turn your attention to four of our favorite discoveries: the VeggieChop, Garlic Zoom, SleekStor Large Colander and Salad Spinner. Each of these creations is easy to use, fun and a time-saver. And, if you've ever thought you could make a better salsa or guacamole than most restaurants - you're right! And, you don't have to use a sloppy slapping device with a third-rate cutting tool that's tough to clean.

Take a look at the short demo video at www.chefn.com featuring the VeggieChop. It really is as easy as it looks - and you'll get a lot of other ideas on what to use it for, too. You'll be surprised at all you can pulverize with the tough, super-sharp blades. Best part is, you'll actually enjoy putting it to work - even chopping items you never would with similar gadgets that can break easily.

Don't like peeling or chopping garlic? The handy GarlicZoom makes it easier for you to include that essential, healthy ingredient in with more of your meals since less touches your fingers and the process takes you much less time. Slip in whole cloves, snap shut, roll across the counter a few times and your chunks are peeled, chopped and ready to toss in your recipes.

Even if you're not short on space, the SleekStor Colander is another must-have. You will appreciate the large capacity drain bowl that pops up like magic from a near-flat position in your cabinet. Brilliant piece of work that carries over to a smaller colander as well as pop-up from flat measuring cups.

Know what? We even gave away our old, bulky salad spinner after using the Chef'n spinner. Lower, sleeker but still holds enough to make a large salad or whatever you need to whirl away moisture from. Plus, you don't have to yank a cord or spin a tiny knob. Chef'n decided that a push lever was the way to go. And with the non-skid base keeping it in place, I'm betting you'll agree this is an excellent choice. By the way, you'll also be proud to use the spinner's bowl to serve your salads.

Helpful product demo videos will open your eyes to a range of possibilities, all at: www.chefn.com Lots more fun than you imagined possible in the way of kitchen convenience - and not expensive. You'll find a wide range of fun products to save your fingers, speed your cooking and save you $$. Happy chef-ing, with Chef'n.

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