Lean, Green, Bean Machine

Are you one of the 40 million slurping java each day?  If so, I know you don't enjoy laying out $4 for coffee or the bitter after taste that often creeps down into your stomach causing acid tummy.  Also, studies show that even when brewing your own, you often end up pouring much of the fresh pot down the drain.  

Well now you can save time, save money and even eliminate bitterness as you enjoy fresh, delicious coffee.  How?  With a patented system that's attracting raves from consumers everywhere.

How is it possible to do all that and save money - not only on your coffee, but also on your electric bill?  Just change the way you brew.  Discover the timely Hourglass Coffee Maker (www.hourglasscoffee.com/)  and you can even preserve your left-over, fresh-brewed treat for at least two weeks - and it will still taste as terrific as day one.  Plus, you'll appreciate how drinking nearly 70% less acid gives you a happier tummy without flavor loss.  And no, you don't have to drink the coffee cold - unless you want to.

Before you scoff - listen:

Whatever you spend on gourmet brew for your home or office, you likely waste a fair amount.  But now, with the proven successful cold-brewing system, you simply save your extra in the (included) BPA-free container right in the fridge.  As they say on tv, "But wait, there's more!"  You can even use the same coffee grounds twice, giving you more mileage from your favorite blend.  And, because this is a cold-brewing method - no plugs, no cords, no electricity - you will only be drinking healthier, smoother, richer coffee.  Bye, bye bitterness.  If you're a little lazy like some of us, this is the only way to make coffee.  The Hourglass coffee maker does all the work for you with no mess.

Once you try the cold brew system from  www.hourglasscoffee.com  you may decide to switch to less costly brands.  That's because you can enjoy a rich, gourmet flavor even with inexpensive store blends.  Cold brewed coffee tantalizes your taste buds and relieves acid gut with this patented coffee maker.  And with no electricity and no replacing paper filters, combined with the ease of making single servings - your money saving options are magnified.

The entire system is wildly simple as you'll see on the website demo.  No bean burning and almost 70% less acid makes for tastier, healthier cup every time.  So, whether you brew enough for you - or your entire crew, you don't have to create a fresh batch each day.  Just pull out your Bean Kanteen (part of the system) from the fridge, add hot or cold water to make it as strong as you like and enjoy the richness.  And whether hot or cold, with your Hourglass the coffee you make may be the most memorable you've ever tasted.  Now, instead of paying bucks to fill your cup, this system can trim your cost to as little as 20 CENTS a mug.

Catch the video for the tasty details: www.hourglasscoffee.com  and stop wasting time brewing a new pot every few hours at the office - or even every day at home.  Brewing and saving with this system keeps your tummy topped off with the freshest, best-tasting coffee you can drink.

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