Essential Cedar

Two things I miss about the house we sold: Terrific view of the ocean and ships sailing along the Jersey shore. And our huge cedar closet. No moths, no bugs, no stale-smelling clothes. But, when it came time to move on and become NYC apartment dwellers, we now live in a place just a tad bigger than our beloved cedar closet.

But, thanks to my Woodlore pals at www.woodlore.com, we don't need a massive cedar closet any more. These experts will help you maximize your cedar impact even with minimal storage space. You know, I still have a pair of shoe trees from my college days. Not thrilling info I realize. But that does prove how long good cedar products can last - and how they can make a big difference in how your clothes, shoes - even storage drawers smell. Consider also the increased lifespan it givesf your clothing.

Cedar wood is so wonderfully fragrant and sturdy, it has been enhancing lives since BCE. But the folks at woodlore keep coming up with newer, better ways for us to use this helpful aromatic. In addition to their line of hangars and shoe trees, they now carry cedar paper. Simple approach to trimming sheets of cedar to fit whatever size space you need. I still like the blocks and liners since you can sand them a bit to freshen the cedar scent whenever you wish.

If you catch this by Father's Day, glom their special discount offer. I could say they arranged that especially for you, blog reader, but - that would simply not be true. What IS true... you also want to try the shoe polish and creme. Best I have used in my years of polishing and spit-shining. So, don't stop with shoe trees. Also grab a box of their Shoe Fresh inserts. These even work on your workout shoes. Here you go: www.woodlore.com

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