Green Garmentos are Great


I know I'm getting carried away when I start telling my dry cleaners about a product they should be using. But if by doing so I can help cut back on plastic usage, why not?

Going green no longer has to mean spending more money. Here's a nifty item I discovered at the recent Hot Housewares for the Holidays show in New York. From the pictures, you can tell this is not just another garment bag. You get many bags in one. Use it as your laundry hamper; carrying bag with shoulder strap garment, duffel and reusable hanging garment bag. See: www.thegreengarmento.com

Pile in your dirty clothes at home then pull the cord and drape the handy strap over your shoulder to drop at your dry cleaners. Have them return your freshly cleaned items in your Green Garmento bag and you'll also be helping green our environment. Americans are dumping over a hundred million pounds of plastic bags in landfills - every year. You can help stop that by using this eco-friendly bag made from recyclable, water resistant material.

Yes, the bags are machine washable - cold water, please. And you can even wipe down your bag with a cloth and antibacterial spray as needed. It's time we all put more effort into "greening." You can save money and save your environment all in one with a bag that can hold up to 14 garments. Please pass this along to your dry cleaners so we can put an end to the waste from single-use plastic bags cluttering our beautiful country. You may be pleasantly surprised how receptive most dry cleaners will be. Truly a hot item you will quickly get hooked on: www.thegreengarmento.com

UPDATE: Like a FREE bag? Get one while this offer lasts. Go here now: http://www.thegreengarmento.com/BASE/SS/get-free-bags/


Protect Yourself said...

Thanks for the information! The world needs more things like this!

jennie said...

Hi Steve,
This is Jennie, President of The Green Garmento. Thanks for the great post. We are offering free bags in exchange for dry cleaner's info. We welcome your readers to visit our site to learn more; http://www.thegreengarmento.com/BASE/SS/get-free-bags/

Thanks again for helping us all to..."Be fantastic and use less plastic!"