Happy Light

Make that: HappyLite Mini Ultra. Mighty tired of all the rain these past few weeks here in the Northeast. Rainy days and Mondays always make me sad. Say, wasn't that a song lyric? Anyway, whatever the time of year, too many cloudy days and too little sun add up to SAD-ness. That is, "Seasonal Affective Disorder." Years past, we just called it the winter blues or mild depression. Doctors knew better and many now endorse light therapy to help eliminate those blahs. SAD can be a serious medical disorder as people react to limited daylight. Effects can include weight gain, sugar cravings, lack of focus or even problems sleeping.

Verilux to the rescue! (www.verilux.net) Using a unique natural spectrum system, this light therapy gem sits on your desktop spreading sunshine, without burning you with harmful UV rays. The Veriluxers developed a special combination of elements that put out the same type of light we enjoy (and need) from the sun. Also helpful, Verilux lighting eliminates the headaches and eyestrain from many fluorescent lights.

Using the www.verilux.net system may not only help you recover from jet lag, or changes in your work schedule - you might even qualify for some insurance coverage. If you're being treated for S.A.D. you could get reimbursed after getting a prescription for this type of "light therapy." Now, don't ask "Dr. Steve" cause I'm not really a physician. You need to take this up with a real doctor if you think you may qualify.

All I know is, using the HappyLite Mini Ultra for about an hour each morning, my mood has been super. Granted I'm generally an upbeat, positive character - but after all the gloomy weather, this Verilux product works so well , I'm a light therapy believer. You'll want to know that light therapy is currently recognized as effective by many researchers and medical professionals. This system may help boost your mood and blast away the blahs for about the price of a good desk lamp. And no, you don't sit and stare at the light. You simply place your HappyLite a foot or two away from your face at a slight angle - maintain your normal schedule and and keep working. You may find as little as 15 to 60 minutes a day - mornings are best - are all you need to start feeling results.

Don't start thinking you can just stare at an extra-bright bulb each day. Not effective and not good for your eye health. Special Verilux bulbs can last up to three years and use very little power. They even offer a special blue light system if you suffer with sleep disorder. Boost your HQ - your "happiness quotient" - with the HappyLite Mini Ultra, just one of the many "natural spectrum" daylight choices you'll find at www.verilux.net

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