Better Than Therapy?

Imagine, having your own, personal therapist - and without the annoying cash payment each visit. The stuff of dreams, you say? Not any longer. Many medical experts feel that many health challenges could be wiped out if WE weren't so wiped out. In other words, if we could only cut back on stress and enjoy a full night's sleep. So, I put that theory to the test personally.

Recently, I picked up a "Sound Therapy System" from www.sound-oasis.com to see if my restless sleep turned into a happy snore-fest.

Result? Well, you know I don't waste time or text on something that does not work as claimed. So it's a pleasure to share good news about The "Sound Therapy System." This new creation helps block irritating noises and actually turns your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation. Advantages? Excellent variety of realistic sounds to choose from (20); alternate sounds (five more) that you can mix in with the primary sounds to further customize your preferences; and, a high-quality set of speakers with sub-woofer to help make the sounds ever more realistic.

Of course, the system includes an am/fm stereo clock radio as well. Now, you can fade off to sleep with the sound of waves lapping at the seashore if you wish. If you prefer rain, white noise, windy day, or many others - just push a button. Then to wake up, you can choose among welcoming sounds or your favorite radio stations - even a buzzer, if you have masochistic tendencies. Also set time periods for naps, pick continuous sounds to last throughout your sleep, or set a specific length of time for sounds to last until after you're sleeping peacefully.

Falling asleep is quicker and easier, which means I'm able to focus better during the day without nodding during the afternoon. With an alarm for you and another for your partner, the patented technology will likely help even the most stressful day fade comfortably into the background. Also comforting is the proprietary "bio-sync" sound technology. This was developed by world-famous sound therapy expert, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. This is the key to helping block those jarring noises and creating a peaceful atmosphere. And, that's what you need to fall asleep easier, get better quality sleep, improve concentration, and feel more alert throughout the day.

By the way, you can now add a "Sleep Therapy Pillow" if you wish, that plugs into your system. That way, two extremely thin speakers embedded in the pillow will direct the sounds of your choice to you on an even more intimate level. What's more, it won't annoy a fellow sleeper.

So, try the "new" therapist in town. The "Sleep Therapy System" from www.sound-oasis.com and enjoy more restful sleep. Soon, you may want to retire your old-fashioned therapist. Just remember not to destroy your peacefull buzz by bringing work papers or laptop into bed with you.

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kelly said...

The best thing what i know about Sound Therapy is that it blocks all the irritating noises and turns your bedroom into oasis of relaxation. This therapy helps you to attune your mind to the relaxing sound and features a brainsync function which enables you to achieve the 4 brainwave.