Fun Food Prep with Prepara

Speaking of food (aren't we always?), you know how much better meals taste with fresh herbs, wonderful oil and ingredients you prepare personally.  At the recent Hot Housewares show here in New York, I was introduced to a company that helps you do all that easily.  Meet Prepara www.prepara.com

It's rare to come across one company that offers so many appealing options under one roof.  And on the topic of "appealing," or at least - peeling - one Prepara tool that saves you space and time is the three-blade peeler.  If your kitchen drawers are crammed with items you only use occasionally, this peeler is a stand out.  One blade peels hard-skinned foods, another works on soft and the third handles your julienne chores.  Each blade retracts into the comfortable handle and the whole thing is easy to clean and store.

Also necessary in our kitchen: a way you can literally triple the life of fresh herbs: the Herb Savor.  Let's face it.  When you bring home fresh herbs, you know part of them are destined for the garbage.  They don't keep well in the fridge and you forget about them in their plastic bags.  With the Herb Savor, you save space (again) and money. This see-through chamber sits in full view in a door slot inside your fridge.  A small water well inside the chamber helps prolong herb life and keeps them amazingly fresh and delicious. No more excuses not buying fresh herbs.  Waste is no longer a worry.

Another of the many Prepara must-have's: the Oil Mister.  At last, success in creating a non-clogging sprayer that puts just the perfect amount of your favorite oil on salads, in pans or wherever you want.  No BPA in this little beauty and the container makes it simple to put whatever herbs or flavorings you want in the oil.

Did I mention you'll have great fun discovering the other marvelous Prepara products on their website?  You may find it difficult to limit yourself to just a few.  Head on over and see what I mean:  www.prepara.com

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elainehev said...

Just ordered a set for my sister to thank her for proofreading my book.
Loved that I found something her she, the family cooking goddess, did not know about. It will be great having those fresh herbs at her house in the winter.