Powerful Pacific Dry Goods

Imagine how much money we could have saved over the years had we been able to eliminate paper towels, sponges, cloths, etc.

Well, we can't cry over spilt milk... or wine, or maple syrup for that matter. But, we sure can clean everything much easier AND save a bunch of money. AND, help save our planet. You and I know people who don't think the planet needs help... or, don't care if it does. But even those clowns want to keep more of their cash, yes?

So, to help do that, discover the money-savers at: www.pacificdrygoods.com and you'll find renewable resource items that will help you handle chores efficiently and feel good about their value. Let's start with the bamboo "Eco-Towl" for instance. This handy helper was a "Green By Design" finalist at the 2008 Gourmet Product Show. Not a shabby recommendation.

And let's face it, not many of us will convert to renewable products if they don't work as well or better than the landfill-clogging variety. But, no worries with these "towls." They are made from fast-growing materials like bamboo and 18% GMO-free corn. No more excuses about having to buy landfill-clogging paper towels, throwaway wipes, and microfiber products made from petrochemicals.

Even terry cloth becomes obsolete as you see how much more absorbent the viscose towls are. Made from wood chips, this version holds ten times what sponges or chamois cloth can and wrings out much more easily. That means you can use it over and over, wiping up almost any spill, leaving it ready to go again almost instantly.

Now, even microfiber cloths are so "yesterday." With those, you can still find dirt in them - even after washing. Last thing you want to do is spread dirt bacteria around after all your cleaning. Towls are plant-based, easy to clean and contain no animal products. That means they won't mildew or retain odor - or get that annoying stiff feel that chamois does after wetting. To make dusting, floor cleaning, dishes... every cleaning project easier - and to keep your environment cleaner, try the SuperSponge, ChefTowl or EcoTowl to start.

Examine the variety of options at www.pacificdrygoods.com and you'll be hooked on these marvelous cleaning choices for home and office. Made from recycled wood chips, their viscose products recycle back into the environment with no unhealthy footprint. Whether you start with the sponge, towl or even dog towl, you'll soon get hooked on Pacific Dry Goods.

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