Healing Honey

If you love your honey - and I do, here's a discovery I'm really sweet on: pure, delicious honey from New Zealand.  See  www.honeynz.co.nz   You need not visit the kiwi country (New Zealand) to enjoy the benefits of this healthy, delicious treat.  But, you really should.  The people are friendly, the islands are fabulous and their honey is unbeatably healthy as well as tasty.

Why healthy - and so unique?  First, most NZ honey comes from flora that is totally unique to that country.  You can search under "UMF Manuka Honey" for example and discover a wide range of research showing how honey has been used for ages - even to pack wounds.  Yes, the anti-bacterial qualities are well known, but the flavors are unforgettable.  Whether you prefer a creamy clover-type honey or darker brown, intense - even slightly bitter - you are sure to get hooked on this treat.

Honey New Zealand's UMF (Unique Manuka Honey) can be applied to your skin as well as eaten.  It's antibacterial properties are proven as effective as its wonderful taste.  And, that term can only be used by companies that have their honey tested and certified regularly.

Of course, you know how well honey works at soothing your throat, but it also works marvelously at helping your digestive system.  You can search back as far as ancient Egypt and find what researchers have rediscovered today.  Laboratory tests demonstrate a high level of biological activity in active honeys.  What's more, Manuka honey (highly researched and constantly tested) is called "natural medicine" by many doctors.

At their website, you will see helpful info on other natural health products such as royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen - without the hype often found in stores.  Sample any of the New Zealand honeys and you will practically taste the unique flowers of that beautiful country.  By the way, their certified organic clover honey comes from beehives in the far south of New Zealand with its pristine climate, free of pollution.  My favorite is the Pumpkin blossom honey with a fabulous flavor that combines the taste profiles of white chocolate, herbs and pumpkin.  

Guaranteed you'll be back for more.  Sure beats the bland honeys we've tried.  Do yourself a favor and read up on Manuka honey, though.  You'll find some eye-popping facts about how it can boost healing while you're enjoying the flavors.  By the way, both the color and flavors found in these honeys are different from all others, worldwide.  Visit now at:  www.honeynz.co.nz

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