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What's your favorite kitchen tool?  For years, mine was that marvelous creation - the spork.  Saves time, saves space, hides in your purse or briefcase - and in a pinch, you could even use it to saw a tidbit of meat off the bone.  Ahh, those were the days!  And yes, my cooking skills were also quite spotty.

Well, I have come a long way...  My journey began when we moved to a larger home with more kitchen space.  At last, an excuse for me to happily re-gift my old food processor!  Understand, my 25-year old Cuisinart (www.cuisinart.com) was still happily slicing and such, but we were hankering for an upgrade so I passed along our "collector's item" to a grateful cousin. 

See, back in our "tiny kitchen days," I was often lazy about pulling out blades, bowls and stand when using our food processor.  Parts were spread among so many nooks & crannies in various cabinets, I never remembered how or where to re-pack them.  

Well, today's Cuisinart has leapfrogged forward with giant steps in all areas, not least of which is the terrifically small footprint.  Turns out, I didn't need the bigger kitchen after all.  The new Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Food Processor fits almost anywhere, comes with three different bowls and each fits perfectly inside another.  They call it the "SealTight™ Advantage System" and it's an exclusive feature.  

Of course, Cuisinart quality is well known.  

Food processors to tea kettles, cookware to can openers - you know someone who loves their Cuisinart.  In my case, I was a convert from an early-model bread machine.  You remember those.  They performed one job reasonably well, eliminated some of the drudgery but also dispensed with a fair amount of the therapeutic enjoyment of bread making.

Now, I am again loving the whole bread-baking process!  It's fun with our new Cuisinart.

Today's top model for our kitchen is that Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Food Processor with its wide range of preparation choices - including bread making.  When you're in the mood to let the machine do most of the mixing and kneading - no problem.  Like to take over and personally pound your dough after initial mixing?  Have at it!  So far, my bread baking results have exceeded all previous efforts to achieve a springy, airy bread with perfect crust and delicious, chewy interior.

Your personal testing may lean more toward a puree, home-made soups or creating perfectly uniform fruit and vegetable slices.  If so, you will be thrilled by touches like one single slicing disc to replace multiples.  How is that possible?  Simply by engineering a dial control that locks in whatever thickness you require.

Same story with the shredding disc.  You find only one because the shredder reverses according to your size preferences.  Whatever method you use, simplicity is key here.

You've seen expensive mixers, blenders and machines - gadgets that "cook" soup using heat from spinning blades.  In my experience, the vast range of options offered by the newest Cuisinart models is considerably more appealing.  Plus, I don't mind heating my freshly pureed vegetables in a pot.  

Don't you find that most people who enjoy cooking - even those blessed with large kitchens - prefer the uncluttered look - most tools packed neatly away?  With the new Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Food Processor, all your accessories fit into one compact display cabinet.  It's clean lines are augmented by a lock to help keep little hands from exploring without your help.  

And, even with all three mixing bowls snapped together, you will be pleasantly surprised at how little counter space you use.  More importantly for many, ease of cleaning has ramped up dramatically since each bowl is isolated from the others during use.

Let's see - so far, in addition to making bread and pizza dough, I have speedily created perfect pesto, terrific tomato sauce, beautiful broccoli soup and marvelous mashed potatoes.  Luckily for you, I'm running out of alliterations - for now.  In any case, this may be the most worthwhile addition to your kitchen in years.

Amazingly enough, this new Cuisinart is so simple to use, a beginner can quickly enjoy it's many options without getting confused.  And, if your mom never gave you a cookbook, you can't go wrong with the options offered on their website.

See if you agree - invest a few minutes that will definitely be worth your time:

Even if you only watch a little of the demo - your brain will begin bubbling with ideas, recipes and entertaining plans.   You find it under "VIDEOS" on the website.  The adventure begins here: http://www.cuisinart.com/products/food_processors/fp-14dc.html

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xworddeb said...

That sounds like just the thing I need. I've been waiting to replace my absolutely ancient Cuisinart with something like this. Thanks for the review!

Deb Amlen