Shake & Eat

...Just not at the same time - not good for digestion.

Anyway, for years I've put off buying a mortar and pestle because I wasn't certain I would use it often enough. I'm convinced fate played a role in my delay, too. Recently, I was so intrigued by commercials for chef Jamie Oliver's "Flavor Shaker" I decided to try one. After all, this is more attractive than most mortar and pestles I've seen, and appeared more versatile and fun to use. After a few weeks, reports are flooding in - from my kitchen anyway - and they're all good.

OK, a mortar and pestle might help you grind away stress and frustration while you pound away at spices and such. But I'm drawn to more modern methods of tension release, and appreciate trying something new.  Might this top the old fashioned way of doing things? Could I accomplish more without laying out much cash?  If so, what's not to like?

So, I enjoy the way the Flavor Shaker can mix, grind and crush with just a few seconds of shaking, instead of wasting muscle power twisting and grinding the old-fashioned way. Speaking of waste, you will appreciate how much time you save when making salad dressings, sauces, dips, etc using the Flavor Shaker. With its heavy ceramic ball, there's no excuse not to use seeds instead of pre-ground spices that have been filed away for years in dark cabinets, growing stale and lifeless.

A few seconds of shaking not only helps you release tension, it brings wonderful intensity to your dishes. You will happily crush and mix without the need to drag out different bowls and gadgets. Everyone wants food fast, but not "fast food" all the time. Why not save time and still create healthy, tasty meals? Here's the answer as you search for ways to perform simple chores quickly.

You can even crush garlic without the odor soaking in to your fingers. With the Flavor Shaker you add oil, cream or other liquids to combine ingredients quickly and thoroughly. Try doing that in a mortar and pestle and you'll soon be cleaning goo off the walls, even if you're not as clumsy as I tend to be.

The Flavor Shaker comes with a handy spoon made to precisely fit the chamber. Plus, it has a pleasant ergonomic design that helps it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Also good, it is dishwasher safe if you put it on the top shelf to wash. Don't put it in the microwave, though.

An online search turns up amusing video demos on Youtube as well as discount buying options on your favorite shopping sites. The Jamie Oliver Flavor Shaker has now climbed aboard my list of "must-have" kitchen tools. I bet you'll like it, too

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