Back to the Future Kitchen

Seems like ages ago our Mom's tried to keep leftovers fresh by pouring them into heavy glass bowls and attempting to seal them with aluminum foil.  However, the only thing fresh about that memory is how heavy the bowls were and how food always seemed to slosh out around the edges of the foil.

Today's food storage choices are more wide-ranging, but there are some must-haves.  This way, you can save on both your food bill as well as your method of preservation.

Given those facts, my recent introduction to the Kinetic Go Green GlassLock line (www.kinetic-cookware.com)  has evolved in to a kitchen necessity, and may be a worthy choice for you as well.  Here's why:

Kinetic GlassLock containers are the only glass-item products made of tempered glass.  Yes, they are sturdy, but not overly heavy.  And, they will not break or crack easily.  Plus, the tempered process allows you to seal and store food safely, then move it directly into the microwave.  

In addition, your food can be heated up to 120 Celcius instantly - with NO cooling down.  Try that with plastic - but only if you plan to use that as a "science project."  Anyway, the Kinetic folks tell me this tempered glass method also makes their Kinetic GlassLock the safest houseware glass product. 

I think you will enjoy their line - it is stain proof (including no heat discoloration), and the tight, silicone seals keep air and odors out while preventing liquid spills.  The containers are completely safe in the microwave, the top shelf of your dishwasher and the freezer.   Plus, the see-through, crystalized containers make it simple to glance inside, as opposed to foggy plastic containers that cause you to waste time opening lids to find what you need.

Kinetic's lids are spill-proof, reinforced and airtight for easier storage.  For the environmentally conscious, yes their lids are BPA free.  The Kinetic Go Gree GlassLock containers are easy to stack and simple to organize - in the cabinet or the fridge.  

This just in: CBS News voted GlassLock the Number One consumer-liked storage system.   Look for the Go Green line on their website and you'll find a variety of combination packages and sizes:  (www.kinetic-cookware.com)

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Dee said...

Yes, I have also just been introduced to the Kinetic Go Green Glasslock containers. Have found them to be great. Very durable and provide excellent protection for the food that is stored with in. I am in process of adding this line to my web store. Can't wait to get these products out for everyone to use.