Eco-Friendly Carriers

Quick questions: Can a mini-fanny pack double as a huge backpack? And - can you squeeze a full-sized messenger bag into your jacket pocket? If you're a Chico Bag user - both answers are "you betcha!" And the newest collection of carrying options doesn't stop there.

The ever-creative crew in Chico, California, always trying to outdo themselves have taken another major step along the road to lightening your load.

If you haven't stopped by www.chicobag.com you might not be familiar with their various super-lightweight carry bags. Made from recycled plastic bottles, their newest bags - like the original - can be quickly stuffed inside themselves when empty, becoming palm-sized sacks you can drop in al purse or pocket.

Better stores like Whole Foods, Fairway or others feature them, hanging by the register with their eye-catching colors and snap hooks. Chicobags have grown from one style, fit for lugging even heavy groceries, to larger sizes and styles that help you travel - to work, school or shopping. If you have a business, these bags make perfect enviro-friendly marketing tools. The Chico folks will happily include your logo to help spread the word about your forward thinking company.

The newest bag styles that caught our attention include terrific new options to cut down on weight while helping you lug even more of your stuff in the style of your choice. The Daypack is perfect to replace a heavy backpack; the Messenger bag stays closed thanks to a nifty magnet system and is more comfy than older styles we're used to lugging; and, the Sling features one strap you can easily drape over your shoulder while carrying just about anything.

You should also glance at the fundraising options offered by the Chico gang. Today, almost every business, school or non-profit wants to convey a positive impact along with their message. What better way than a helpful alternative like reusable logo bags? Sure beats many old-fashioned options and often provides better income results.

Chico Bags come with tie cords and sturdy luggage clips, so you can easily store and carry while empty. Help make your next trip to work, travel or greenmarket - a lightweight, eco-friendly outing. Visit www.chicobag.com

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