Release Your Inner Samurai

Admit it.  From time to time, as you marched purposefully along your way, full of strength and purpose - you've had the urge to draw your katana and strike down an evil-doer.  Haven't we all?  

Let's face it, there's no shortage of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells.  However, local law enforcement generally frowns on vigilantes - even the well-meaning.  And, how would you really feel about slinging a sword over your back to stroll the streets, especially wearing a suit, or carrying a purse on your other shoulder?

Not to worry!  Now, you can almost carry the famous Japanese long sword, with its distinctive handle and without being subject to arrest.  The answer: a samurai umbrella, what else?  Sleek, classy and utilitarian - you'll find it among the enticing and worthy gadgets at: www.kikkerlandshop.com   These are the same folks widely known for the wonderful gift ideas at museums and better shops around the world.

Yes, the Samurai Umbrella has a similar handle (though much less costly!) as an original katana, but you will appreciate the comfort and usability as you slide it gracefully from it's shoulder-strap case.  Oh, and not to worry - in case a loved one grabs it -  no one will find a hidden sword within, sadly.  You will find a distinctive umbrella attached to the handle, ready to maintain your stylish stride and to keep you dry.  Click on www.kikkerlandshop.com  for an eye-opening wealth of enjoyable selections and creative ideas.

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