Save Trees - Use Paper ?

Sounds contradictory but let me explain. First, let's agree that not everyone loves to type. Notes, letters, documents - many of us still enjoy the physical act of writing things down instead of simply flipping open the keyboard and saving everything on the computer. Writers often enjoy creating and saving on paper - notebooks, journals, diaries - instead of the tech approach.

If you need to maintain your notes and appointments on paper, as do I - here's how you save trees and use paper simultaneously. Try the new "ecosystem" method. (www.ecosystemlife.com) For scribblers like me as well as authors, artists and architects - an ecosystem notebook, journal or planner will fit your needs. Made here in the U.S.A., the products use all post-consumer recycled paper (no chlorine used) and totally recyclable.

Enjoy the feel of your ink gliding onto paper without bleeding across the sheets? Pick the size notebook that fits your needs, break out that fountain pen you've been saving for special occasions (or paper) and get busy organizing your thoughts! These beautifully colored, eco-friendly books can be found online or at Barnes & Noble. Since Moleskine journals are imported from China (fine for some products, I suppose) why not keep things closer to home when you find something you like better?

Another terrific feature: should you lose your journal, check the "lost & found" section of the website. Since each notebook has a serial number printed in back, you'll want to register yours immediately so your precious prose won't stay lost forever.

Though your fingers may race happily across your keyboard, when you want to write for the ages - try an ecosystem planner. Whichever size, color and interior you choose - it almost feels custom made just for you. Matter of fact, when you visit the website you have the option to do just that - customize your own system. Begin here: www.ecosystemlife.com

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