Will It Blend?

Undoubtedly!  Hope you have caught some of the hilarious "will it blend" videos online.  If not, laugh at a few after you read this post.  Among blenders, you have your basic - and then your workhorse blenders.  But for my money, if you crave a version that you may never need to replace, one choice leaps to the top of the pile.  Here comes the Blendtec www.blendtec.com  a whole, new world of blending performance.

Ever seen a blender you could load to the top, hit a button and safely walk away while it works?  You are about to discover a gadget that can replace juicers, blenders, mixers, smoothie makers, bread makers, coffee grinders... and so on.  And it doesn't just replace them, it beats the other guys easily.  Backing up for a sec, we used to own a much earlier version of this product years ago which we foolishly left when we sold our house.  

Fortunately, this gave me the perfect excuse to grab their latest model which is a stellar creation.  A Blendtec makes cooking easier and healthier - and saves you money.  It also helps you feel good about giving away other kitchen devices and freeing up precious counter space.  Pick a gadget you use frequently - say a blender.  In other models I've tested - including top of the line, high-powered versions, my favorite smoothie ingredients often stick to the sides.  Being lazy, if I had a blender that was so powerful it could perfectly pulverize everything with no effort, that would thrill me.  The Blendtec does that thanks to the vortex of suction the machine creates.  

No opening mid-blend to shove ingredients back down with a spatula.  This device even has a button marked "smoothie" that automatically varies the speed, magically mixing ingredients, then powering down at the precise moment of perfection.  Other custom settings allow you to "cook" soups, simply from the intense friction and heat from the blades.  No scalding, no burning, just marvelous tasting, healthy meals in a jar.  

If you have always wanted to eat better, sleep better and feel better but didn't have time to create tasty, nourishing meals - that excuse has dried up and withered away.  Now, even starting your baby on the path to a better life with healthier food is a simple button push away.  Sure, you can indulge on occasion by making incredible home-made ice creams, salsa and peanut butter.  And, they will not only taste more delicious, they won't have preservatives or additives your body should not be ingesting.  

For me, one of the main benefits is saving money by not wasting food.  You will stop tossing out those parts of the fruits or veges you never ate before because their flavors will meld magically in the Blendtec.  No more tossing out seeds and other nutrient-dense components.  You will enjoy much more protein and nutrition than any juicer gives you.

Here's a major point: this machine is so powerful, it breaks down every food, even seeds and skins (don't eat banana skins and other thick skins) to such a degree that your body can use 95% of all the nutrients.  That's a major reason why your creations not only taste better, but your body - even your skin - will soon feel the difference.  You will eat differently and love it.  And you won't avoid bread because this machine can take whole grains of wheat and turn it into perfectly ground flour in a minute.  If you like, add your yeast, water, etc and mix the dough right in your Blendtec and toss it in the oven.  Every time I have done that each bread recipe has tasted fantastic.  

Cleanup?  Fast and easy.  As you know, if something is not easy to clean, we just don't use it often.  One DROP of liquid dish soap and a little water, pop the top on and run the Blendtec for a few seconds, then rinse.  Or, put in your dishwasher.  Simple.  The polycarb bowl takes a lot of punishment.  Curious?  Look at the award-winning video series “Will It Blend?” featuring Blendtec’s C.E.O., Tom Dickson.  Catch some at their website and watch this device blending an iPhone, marbles, rake handles, metal and other items suggested by viewers, all proving the Blendtec is brawny and near-indestructible.  

For your health, your family and for your budget's sake - also watch the helpful demo on the website www.blendtec.com and a wealth of ideas will begin cascading into your mind.  And, who knows?  You might have a suggestion for the next "Will it blend?" video.  Here is the ultimate, high-powered (over 1500 watts) mighty mamacita among blenders.  Of course, since it's much more than simply a blender you will want to catch some recipes on the site also, just to get your mouth watering.  

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