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Can't say I was surprised.  given my experiences with Dyson creations, I am happy to report on their latest success story. 

In recent years, James Dyson's inventions have opened our imaginations to where we would try almost anything he invented.  We currently own two of his high-tech, highly-capable vacuum cleaners.  And like you, have also experienced his energy-efficient hand dryers in a restaurant or office somewhere in the world.  So it was with great anticipation that we looked forward to testing his "Dyson Air Multiplier."  (www.dyson.com/fans/)

Now, you might say, "Isn't that just a gimmicky name for a fan?"  And I would say to you, "Not so, my friend!"  This beautifully designed creation is nothing short of a mini-marvel.  Regular fans throw off waves - or blasts - of air that can be distracting and irregular at distributing comfortable breezes.  Plus, the tendency to worsen dry eyes often increases with old-fashioned fans.  If you ever getting around to cleaning the blades, you are also well aware of how annoying that process can be.

Using the Dyson Air Multiplier, you appreciate the quiet push of a pleasant, steady flow of air.  None of the irregular choppiness we are used to.  Part of the brilliance of Dyson's latest invention is taking a process similar to that used in jet engines and turbochargers and shrinking it.  These units are light-weight and not top-heavy or awkward as are many traditional fans.  A glance offers a hint of how easy it is to clean - simply wipe it down.  Setting options include the typical on-or-off oscillator, but the Dyson sweeps a steady breeze - either from side to side, or push a button to lock in in place.  And the center of gravity is so low, you can easily tilt the unit to direct air flow higher or lower without fear of tipping.  Plus, one knob varies the speed and power of the air current.

It is called an "Air Multiplier" because that is what it does.  It amplifies air drawn in from around the unit up to 15 times, creating a steady, pleasant flow that may well save you a considerable sum on your electric bill.  A breeze this comfortable can forestall turning on that power-draining a/c system for quite some time.  In addition to the effectiveness of the fan, the white noise aspect will also appeal to light sleepers who need a peaceful background sound to help them relax.

I'm a fan - of this non-fan, as you can tell. 
And, whether near bedside or desk area, watching people's first reactions is always amusing.   You will quickly get spoiled by the safe, effective blade-less convenience of this Air Multiplier.  A short video on their website demonstrates how it works.  www.dyson.com/fans/ 

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Peter said...

Thanks for bringing the Dyson "Air Multiplier" to my attention, Steve. Very cool design and technology. I visited the Dyson site and enjoyed the videos on the fan, as well as learning about the other Dyson products. It's good to see great design and quality products are still available, albeit at a premium, but, as they say, "You get what you pay for."