Chop Up Challenges

Ready to throw away those drugstore kitchen knives?   Frustrated trying to chop up greens with the knife you use to slice open UPS deliveries?   Excellent...

With the latest cutlery advancements from Wusthof (www.wusthof.com) you can quickly upgrade and sharpen your culinary skills.  You know the term "the right tool for the right job."  No tool is more important to appealing meal creations than your knife.  Even if you begin with just one good knife, now is the time to start creating a set that you will look forward to using.

Let's face it - food prep is not fun if you are not nimble with your instruments - so to speak.  Don't spend all your time watching the Cooking Channel.  Get involved and show off.  You may even develop a new found passion for food prep - with a few helpful friends close at hand.  And yes, a good knife is a tool you want to befriend.

Wusthof knows the fine art of carving, slicing and chopping like no other.  Not surprising, with 175 years of family-owned expertise and constant research.  Major Wusthof differences?  Aside from ensuring sharpness for as long as possible, you will will find a knife that perfectly fits your needs - and your hand.  Balance, shape - even blade angle are tested and refined to smooth the passage of knife through food.

We have been using two new versions of their Japanese-style cleaver, the Nakiri knife: the Hollow Ground and the Fine Edge.   Their unique feel and effectiveness turn the chore of cutting into zen-like moments of meditation.   The Hollow Ground version features beveled oval edging on the blade, so foods that usually stick to knives now slide through easily.  Both versions of this terrific tool are made especially to cut in a forward motion.  You don't have to rock the knife or push and pull.

The distinctive wide blades are thinner than other models, so clean, straight cuts are easier as are thin slices.  With a good sharpener these knives will last for years and become the primary cutting tools you constantly grab.  You'll be in fine company since these German made precision pieces are used by major chefs around the world, and sold in the best stores in over 70 countries.

Use a Wusthof knife - or add a set to your holiday wish list - and you might start re-thinking options for your next career?  Hello, Food Network?  (www.wusthof.com)  At the least, you will certainly look forward to spending time in your kitchen.

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