Show Your Pet Real Love

No one loves you like your pet.  Dog, cat - whichever you live with, one way to return their love is to make every meal more enjoyable - and healthful.  Here's how you can help them enjoy their food and water every day.  Featured at the recent Hot Housewares for the Holidays show in New York, one of the top creations in the pet world comes from the folks at Neater Feeder.  (www.neaterfeeder.com)

In addition to helping your pet look forward to eating, you will also help keep your walls and floors cleaner, fight mildew and spend less time on clean up.  What's more, you also save money on pet food by decreasing waste.

Let's face it, your pet deserves clean, bug-free meals as much as you do, so the Neater Feeder is a terrific choice.  And, if you don't mind rushing the holiday season, you can bet the little rascal will immediately appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Of course, her improved digestion may well be thanks enough.  Find a Neater Feeder online or at retailers shown on their website.  (www.neaterfeeder.com Chops will happily be licked.

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