Boost College Student's Grades

It's a given: Better energy = better grades.  But, how to achieve both and keep healthy at the same time?  

College students are faced with enormous pressure - from professors, family, themselves... even peers.  Realistically, no one can spend endless hours studying without tiring, especially in darker, colder months.  Science has proven that "winter blues," more accurately known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) drains the energy of millions, and not just students.

One way to fight SAD and even simple eye strain, is to ensure proper lighting, specifically for study areas.  Dark dorm rooms are not conducive to steady focus, healthy energy or good eyesight.  For the past year, I have enjoyed using an early version of the HappyLight 6000 from the folks at Verilux (www.verilux.com).  Frankly, I waited a few weeks to tell others, to make certain I wasn't simply benefiting from a placebo affect with my improved mood and ability to spend more time reading without tiring as quickly.

Happily, you may discover the latest HappyLight 6000 to be just the gift that will make the same difference as your student transitions from the "good life" of lounging around at home with you - to a renewed focus on excelling in college.  After all, with the hours kept by most students, any healthy approach that may provide that extra edge is worth a try.  Light therapy may be one solution to making a positive difference in the grades of your brilliant offspring.  And, it may also turn in to an inexpensive and beneficial life-long habit.  I believe you will also appreciate discovering the advantages of sanitizing your surroundings using U/V lights instead of harsh chemicals.

Brighten your days to come - along with your student's - starting here: www.verilux.com  and discover a variety of options that may help your entire family.  I suggest trying one at home and proving its effectiveness for yourself, too.

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