To Serve and Protect

... you need the best storage system.   I am talking about food, you realize.  And so, the fine folks at Snapware (www.snapware.com) have created exactly that - the best way to protect your food, before and after you serve it.

As a long-time fan of their basic food storage line, I recently tested their Glasslock series as well.  The Glasslock system is especially appealing since around here we always have oil-  or tomato-based sauces to store.  Foods like those as you know, create stains that are harder to clean off many other storage containers.  You may remember early glass storage methods.  I think we called them "jars" in olden times (!)  But with Glasslock, you can choose from a new variety of tempered safety glass, totally BPA-free.  Choose from a variety of sizes, all microwaveable and dishwasher-safe.  

The solid look and feel Snapware brings to Glasslock is reinforced by the airtight, leakproof seal, helping eliminate spills while keeping your food as fresh and delicious as possible.  Big plus for apartment living and smaller kitchens: storage is made simpler by the stackability of Glasslock containers, ensuring an easier fit in your cabinets.

Now, these are glass, of course, so don't pop them from freezer or fridge immediately in to the microwave or other drastic temperature changes.  Proper care and common sense will keep your food looking and tasting marvelous, and your Glasslock system practically new.  No better time than now to gradually eliminate those old plastic-type systems.

Visit www.snapware.com  to scan the options.  While there, you may also appreciate Snapware's new "Snap 'N Stack" portable organizer.  For crafters, students or people like me - tired of digging through drawers to find note pads, pens, buttons or herbs & spices... it's one more space-saving option you will quickly find indispensable.

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