Ear Buddies

I worked in radio for years before I discovered that I wasn't hearing the entire musical performance in my headphones.  Sadly, some radio stations provided such poor quality headphones, that until I started buying my own, it was tough to discern all the musicians wanted us to hear.  Who knew there was actually more than one Jersey Boy, for example. Or that Lady Gaga had backup singers?

The other challenge for many comes from cramming older ear bud designs into your skull.  Perhaps I was doing it the wrong way before, but now I don't even need duct tape.  And, thanks to the fabulous Phiaton PS 210 open-ear style buds, I can even use these buds in the studio, not just at home.  (www.phiaton.com)  You will love their natural sound.

You can tell from the picture something new is afoot, so to speak, since these are designed for both comfortable fit and super audio quality.  You have four sizes of ear pieces that arrive in the pouch.  One will fit you perfectly, just as the under $120 price will surely fit your budget.  You can pay considerably more, but why?

Enjoying powerful bass with an open-ear design has been a challenge in the past. Here, Phiaton has done a terrific job while matching a crisp clarity that achieves a snazzy sharpness with no crackling sibilance.  Testing on an iPad, iPhone, Dell laptop and Macbook Pro all gave results that will make you pause before spending two or three times the money.  The PS 210's "Half In Ear" design includes sound isolation that does not detract from the superior quality fidelity - even with minimal exterior sounds creeping in.

I'm not a frequent jogger, but I used the 210's while rowing, on elliptical machines and on spin bikes.  And, for the first time, I was able to continue exercising without having to re-insert ear buds thanks to their in-ear fit.  The 210's sound matches or surpasses many high-quality ear piece style headphones.  Plus, the sturdy construction makes them a top choice for travel as well as daily use with your iPod or when switching to your mobile phone.  Catch full details at: www.phiaton.com

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