Escape from the Pits

Stained pits on shirts, dresses, underwear no longer mean "time to toss."  Thanks to a new product called "Deo-Go," armpit stain removal has just been revolutionized.  (www.getdeogo.com)  This is a clothing revitalizer that can completely eliminate those ugly deodorant and antiperspirant stains.

Fortunately, I discovered Deo-Go just before throwing one of my favorite sweaters in the recycle bin.  Unfortunately, my wife had already abandoned a classic work dress.  Both items had been suffering from the glaring underarm stains that regular dry cleaning often fails to remove.  While her dress is no doubt now a collection of dust rags, my sweater looks practically new - and is pit-stain free.

Chocolate stains, yellow stains on white clothing, you name it, Deo-Go can be a lifesaver for your garments that are otherwise still fashionable and wearable.  One small bottle can salvage, for example, nearly 20 shirts alone.  The process is simple - and with a money-back guarantee, Deo-Go is simply unbeatable.   Check your items to be sure they are color-fast.  Spray and scrub, then machine wash.

Not yet in stores, you order from the website, where they also provide you with tips to prevent future pit stains.  How often does such an inexpensive product have the potential to save you considerable money and headaches?  Full instructions as well as testimonial videos and yes, FAQ's are right here:  www.getdeogo.com   Guaranteed, you'll love the stuff, too.

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