What's That Smell ?

Nothing!  And what's that sound?  Silence.  Beautiful silence.  Til recently, enjoying clean, fresh smelling air inside meant dealing with the noise and cost associated with many hepa filters.  Even then, the level of purity was often in question.  Now, thanks to years of research and design efforts, Humanscale has released the Humanair Air Purifier which effectively relegates hepa filter units to the 20th Century.

The science behind this new, patented technology creates a zone of clean air in your immediate space, at home or work, instead of trying to clean the air in large spaces.  In addition, the Humanair uses environmentally friendly paper filters, and the super-quiet operation and low air movement prevents eye-drying breezes as well noise distraction.  Also appealing, it does this with no harmful levels of ozone.

The EPA says we are victims of dirty, recycled air in tightly-enclosed office buildings as well as germs, viruses and allergens at home.   The air we breathe indoors remains a major health concern in America.  Yet this unit, light enough to easily carry around the home or office, is a game changer.  My experience has shown the Humanair works more quietly and efficiently than any unit I have tried in recent years.  The air is noticeably fresher and more pleasant, while the sound falls to near white-noise levels.  And the power consumption is so efficient it falls way below Energy Star systems.

You may also appreciate that the recyclable filter can be disposed with other paper products should you get tired of vacuuming it.  The Humanair is such an advancement partly because the filter grabs particles much smaller than other purifiers can.  Over 99% of what we breathe with other filters is captured: dust, smoke, germs, allergens, smog, viruses, and other ugly organic compounds like formaldehyde. 

The Humanair may well be the answer to that "sick building syndrome" at work, as well as fresher, cleaner air at home.  At just over four pounds, you can keep it on your desk or nearby table to enjoy the healthier breathing.  Also keep in mind the money-saving aspects.  Studies show that asthma and breathing problems cost us millions of missed work days and billions in lost dollars every years.  

By the way, most definitive test for me was trying the unit at home.  Here's what we noticed the very first night: not waking up with dry eyes or sneezing from dust allergy.  Fresher air in the morning and all day throughout the apartment.  Quite different from our previous "20th century" tech hepa filter.

Indulge in some vigorous, deep breathing inside and start feeling livelier.  See more details here: 

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