Lord of the Ringos

Brilliant design on the RingO® Universal Mounting system. Made by Vogel's, this invention practically transforms one tablet computer in to several.  If you have an iPad, or almost any other table, this is a must-have helper.  Vogel's "All-In-One" Pack turns your single tablet into a wall mounted, table stand, car holder version.  It even sits more securely on your lap whether you sit at your chair or couch.

Just snap on Vogel's tablet holder plus one of the mounting accessories and suddenly, your device no longer slides across your desk, off your lap or under your car seat.  Of course your first step is to press the included, clear screen protector on to your screen.  That way, you can wipe off your fingerprints without smudges or scratches.

I like how easily my iPad clicks onto the wall mount next to my desk, saving desk space and providing audio/video background to match the mood - relaxing or working.  You can see how quickly the mounts snap on and how much more productive you can be on the helpful video at: www.ipadonthewall.com  Vogel's "All-In-One" Pack will free you to think of other creative ways to use your tablet.  

Travel with family or colleagues and they can watch movies or presentations in the back seat with your tablet securely mounted.  Unclick it from the holder at your destination to take the portable inside.  Another benefit: you will hold and carry your tablet with less chance of dropping it.  The light weight and universal design enables you to easily carry it anywhere in the world.

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