Light Up for Pure Air

Imagine - being able to blast pet dander, smells and dust - simply by changing a lightbulb.  No problem, now, and you may already have seen the variety of bulbs from Purely Products at stores.  Several stores, including Rite-Aid and Lowe's offer these air cleaning gems.
Allergy season struck many with substantial force this year, thanks to heavier than usual rains.  That, combined with more time spent stuck inside has led to increased runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes - the usual.  Add to that, pet dander, cigarette smoke and moldy odors - all leaving us wanting to escape.
But thanks to the Purely Products people (www.purelyproducts.com) we now have a safe, cost effective way to clean and sanitize our homes and office areas.  One bulb may end up saving you about $44 even as it dramatically reduces the carbon dioxide output.
Since you know already know how efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs can be, you will be as excited as we were by this version.  Purely Products Pet CFL bulb actually ionizes your air. So, not only will you quickly notice cleaner, fresher air around you - you may even notice an increase in energy.
It's not junk science.  We are surrounded by positive ions, thanks to computers, forced air systems, television and other electronics to name a few.  Purely Products offers a system within each bulb that counteracts those ions as mold, dust and germs are eliminated.
It only takes one to prove it, but I think you will also enjoy trying the new small gadgets as well.  Small plug-in's are available to use in your car, wall socket or as night lights - even a USB device to clean the air around your computer area.
Took us just one day to get hooked on the results.  You will find several choices to improve your environment and save money at the same time by starting here: www.purelyproducts.com  What do you get by combining an air purifier with a highly-efficient light?  A Purely Product - and special savings on their website, too.  Final tip: It only takes one Healthy CFL to clean the air in a 12 x 12 room.

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Swing Set Fitness said...

I have the Purely Products light bulbs in my living room lamps and they work much better than I expected!!!
Karen Goeller, CSCS
Fitness and Gymnastics Author