Cut To Perfection

Does cooking feel unexciting or dull - like old knives?  Until I began preparing more meals, it took convincing for me to invest in top quality knives.  I'm not talking about knives with heavy price tags and fancy brand names.  After all, I reasoned, how much sharper can knives be than the basic infomercial types that seemed ok for years?  Not everyone feels the need for "functional" art and craftsmanship when it comes to mundane tasks such as chopping, slicing and cutting.  

Of course any activity is more enjoyable when you use the best tools available.  And so, But now - what an awakening after I discovered how much easier and more enjoyable food prep can be when you use the best equipment.  All it took was trying a few of the amazing American-made creations from New West Knife Works  (http://newwestknifeworks.com/)

For years, experts told us the world's finest knives were made in Japan and Germany, and I still own several (now collecting dust).  But today, chefs using New West Knifeworks tools are raving about their quality and sharpness as the finest examples of craftsmanship.  After testing several styles in their "Fusionwood" line, I am also thrilled with the results.  Made with 154cm high-carbon stainless 'super steel,' New West Knifeworks has created what can rightfully be called "kitchen jewelry."  And, enjoying this premium grade cutting experience is not expensive when you compare the costs of frequently replacing cheaper tools.

You will love the security of a lifetime guarantee combined with the great pleasure of using them as your everyday tools.  Super stain resistance and maximum toughness are also key points, as is the ease of sharpening with these knives.  You know the expression "the right tool for the right job."  And no matter what you do in the kitchen, anything requiring a blade is more enjoyable with a knife from http://newwestknifeworks.com/

Added to their wonderful balance and feel is their amazing hardness, helping ensure you own the finest knives in the world.  New West Knifeworks more than doubles the carbon content of other world-renowned knives, helping them retain their edge longer.  I suggest you start your collection with one or two, such as the Santoku or Mini Chopper if you prefer to ease these in to your kitchen.  You too will get hooked on them immediately.  

Designer Corey Milligan has truly perfected his art and makes these knives in a hydro-powered factory to further enhance the "green" aspect of his creations.  They are one-of-a-kind and come from the oldest cutlery makers in America.  Treat yourself with usable art and a lifetime investment with these beautiful knives.  

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