Cooking With Glass

...or at least ON glass.  Sound far-fetched?  
     That's what using Moneta Pro Ceramica cookware feels like.  Now you can whip up dishes like a true Italian and still enjoy amazing non-stick results, all without Teflon.  Moneta skillets and pans put nanotechnology to work for you, combining effortless food prep with amazingly fast cleanup.  This is the slickest surface we have ever tested, combined with a lovely, modern design. 
     Pro Ceramica is not just an attractive addition to your kitchen.  It is a true next-generation line of cookware created by the most respected Italian company in the industry.  Your food slides smoothly across the cooking surface with little or no oil, without sticking even at high heat, and resisting almost any scratch.  
     These aluminum-based pans rival any others we have used in all tests.  The glass-like ceramic interior coating is functional as well as beautiful.  They heat quickly and evenly, ensuring everything you cook, from fried eggs to home-made bolognese sauce, give you perfect results, even at medium heat.  
     Moneta developed their ceramica coating enabling a greatly extended lifespan in their cookware plus increased durability.  The triple-layer, heavily reinforced coating has outperformed any other non-stick line during our testing in a wide range of dishes, simple and complicated.  And this is cookware you don't have to treat with kid gloves.
     The nanotechnology enables the surface to eliminates porous qualities that allow most other cookware to grab hold of your food causing it to cling.
Two more appealing benefits we appreciate: first, even with all the high-tech durability, Pro Ceramica pans are not overly heavy.  And second, you will not find a better guarantee in the entire industry.  
     This is the cookware I highly recommend for everyone: Professional chefs searching for a pan that yields a "fond" - or kitchen novices.  And, prices are surprisingly low for such high-level quality. 
     Mention this blog to check for free shipping.  Visit: http://gocookware.com  and you can demonstrate your re-charged cooking skills during the holidays and throughout the new year.

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