Stay Warm - Text with Silver

From our "where have you been all my life?" files...

The patent-pending tech used by the folks at Agloves (www.agloves.com) has boosted these gloves right in to our Top Ten "must-have" gifts of the season.  Even if you never text, weaving silver threads into gloves is a brilliant idea.

With Agloves, you never need to remove your gloves to text - or to use any of today's newest capacitive touch screens.  That includes phones, pads, etc.  Since regular gloves can not conduct your skin's natural bioelectricity, something had to be done.  After all, we certainly could not allow our children to freeze their finger tips by refusing to stop  texting for hours on end, even in cold weather!

Special threads woven in to every finger on Agloves not only allow you to text while wearing them, the silver also helps keep your fingers warm.  And admittedly, another key feature and benefit: everyone we showed these gloves to immediately wanted a pair.  As an avid reader, you are undoubtedly also aware of silver's anti-microbial benefits, though these might not be the best choice for an operating room.

Nonetheless, they are cool looking, and most importantly, do what they claim: allow you to operate any capacitive touch screen with no effort, keeping your fingers cozy without heavy layers of fabric.  And if you are determined to test them in especially frigid weather, or wish to use them on icy slopes and such, not to worry.  Agloves stretch, allowing you to either add a second pair, or use a pair as liners for bitter weather.

Two sizes fit most everyone and for the hearty and hardy outdoorsy-types, a heavier weight version is available.  One use of any style and you'll be hooked, but I would head over to their website right away, given the high interest and strong demand.  Several companies have begun buying in bulk to add on their corporate logos.  What's to love about Agloves?  Everything, so happy texting: (www.agloves.com) 

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