Happier Feet

Seems like common sense: make shoes to fit feet, not the other way around.  But some companies don't seem to mind us having to force our feet into shoes - and making us wear them til our toes simply give up and our arches tire of complaining.  Well, suffer no more!

If you expect your new shoes to be immediately ready for hours of walking - and you demand shoes you would be thrilled to recommend to friends - have I got a pair for you!

Once you slip on your first pair of Kuru shoes, you are likely to become a happy, toe-tapping, life-long customer. Comfort, durability, unique design, ready for action... You will find all this and more in each of their designs: (www.kurufootwear.com)

Amazing range of raves and endorsements:

• recommended by many doctors
• nearly all Kuru owners tell their friends to try them
• an enormous percentage of wearers agree - the shoes are ergonomic, much more
   supportive than most others and they definitely plan to buy more
• completely free exchanges and no problems on returns

With a variety of styles for men and women, Kurus have been strolling under the radar for a while - but no more.  Named after a beautiful town in Finland, Kurus feature a fantastic new design that conforms to your feet. I am one who agrees with many wearers who say these are "the most comfortable walking shoes" I have ever found - from any company.

It's not surprising, though. The KuruSole is patent-pending with a tech that enables all their shoes to cup your heel properly and fit your foot's curves. No exaggeration - these are ready-to-walk-and-enjoy immediately.  More proof that some of the finest advances come from smaller companies - not "solely" from large corporations.

Using only fine leather and materials, your Kurus will outlast and outperform many more expensive sport or walking shoes.  And, we're all familiar with the cost advantages of buying factory direct, so pricing is quite reasonable for the quality.

Don't feel shy about chatting with their telephone staff.  After all, aren't your feet unique? Don't they deserve total comfort and support, even during strenuous hikes and walks? Call the Kuru Gurus and they will help ensure proper fitting in advance, doing all they can to be certain you will be pleased with the Kuru experience even before slipping on your first pair.

At last - shoes so comfortable, you really may not want to take them off - from a company that strongly believes in sustainability and social responsibility.  By the way, you may not need those shoe store inserts or expensive custom orthotics, either. Check designs and further details here: (www.kurufootwear.com)  Once you wear Kurus, you will want more.  After all, who can resist the "best walking shoes?"

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