Relieve Your Dry Throat

Do you know William?  You should, because it's time you were on a first-name basis with your humidifier.  If you're anything like me (and Heaven help you if you are), you have tried almost everything to stop waking up with dry, itchy skin, gummy eyes and a stuffy nose.  Perhaps you still slap a pan of water on top of your radiator, hoping the heat will release enough moisture to stop dry throat and static electricity.  Wrong, my friend.

If the desert-like conditions in your home or office area are causing these problems, the folks at Stadler Form know you need help and they may have just what you need.  See: http://goo.gl/WPBfa

Doctors tell us we need 40-60% relative humidity for optimum living conditions.  But if you live with overly dry heat, you are likely to suffer.  Whether from poor sleep, foggy head or sinus problems, dry heat makes winters unnecessarily unpleasant.  And since flu virus lives longer in dry air that's one more worry you want to eliminate.  

Last winter, I even noticed our bedroom furniture warping from excessive dryness.  

So, let's solve all those problems.  After all, if you want to sleep more soundly, enjoy better concentration or simply help preserve your furnishings, you want immediate help.  So, get to know William personally and put him to the ultimate test: your environment.

Why, William?  After trying numerous styles of humidifiers, we like the ease and simplicity of setup and daily use with this model.  Filling and cleaning is not cumbersome as with so many other products, and settings are chosen by pressing a button.  Even rooms of 860 square feet are no problem.  William's coverage area is unusually large and its 1.5 gallon tank can handle the challenge, using only 40 watts of power.

Ultra-quiet and ultrasonic, this humidifier offers dimmed light sleep mode, turning mist diffuser and a patented Ionic Silver Cube, all helping ward off bacteria and mold.  Breathe easier and feel more refreshed.  Bring home the outstanding design and unmatched performance that make William the perfect addition to your family.  He'll fit in anywhere, thanks to the team at Stadler Form.  http://goo.gl/WPBfa

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