Save Your Cookies!

The key word is "YOUR," because your cookies are the only ones you really want.

When you visit your favorite websites or click on search results, your browser may be saving unwanted cookies, those links between each website and you.  Many of us have spent enormous amounts of time in recent years, digging in to our browser security settings to delete the snooping cookies.

Tracking cookies, advertising links and others can invade your privacy.  Even if you use a Mac, your system can become flooded with cookies.  Yes, you can root around in your preferences and get rid of most.  But, why waste time?  You can grab an effective program that performs all the busywork for you.

If you agree that time is your most precious commodity, my guess is you will want to take a free test drive of Cookie Stumbler.  The internet has over 3/4 of a million advertisers alone.  Each of them want to snag your browsing history and personal details.  If privacy is important to you, that is one more reason to investigate Cookie Stumbler.

Visit: www.writeitstudios.com to save time and preserve your online peace of mind.

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