iPad Mini Protector Arrives Early

Fresh from Southern California, and ready for the iPad mini, comes Incipio's latest creative contribution.  With their designing eyes finely tuned to all the challenges presented by Apple's latest offering, Incipio has developed several unique choices to protect your newest acquisition.
You may already know of the company's award-winning cases for the mobile market.  And now, their latest are ready for pre-order in retail locations and online at www.incipio.com
Choices include the LEXINGTON™, LGND®, NGP®, and feather® carrying cases.
Whether you prefer a rigid case, leather or polymer, Incipio's team has developed another terrific range of worthy considerations, all in colors to match almost any preference.
Since a large percentage of professionals have seemingly been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Apple to offer this size device, Incipio's latest covers are arriving in a most timely manner.
This is the same company that makes popular cases such as Kicksnap for the iPhone 5, PLEX Clear screen protectors and a range of offerings for smartphones, Kindles and tablets.

Enjoy looking at their newest products and their complete range to discover top ideas - as the tablet battle rolls on. www.incipio.com

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