Time-Saving Space Savers

In recent years, an explosion of creativity has brought new ways to store food and prepare meals.

Earlier products in the category required kitchen warriors to frantically pump up and down on a button or lever to slowly remove most - not all - of the air from inside.  Even super-human efforts brought partial success, thereby leaving enough oxygen inside to begin destroying flavors and spoiling foods.

Now, NewMetro Design has upped the game and made great strides toward perfecting containers that leapfrog ahead of the older systems to better vacuum seal food.  (www.newmetrodesign.com)

You no longer need to pump iron before saving cereal or almost any food that fits in these containers.

A simple push of the button begins a battery-powered process that not only does the grunt work for you, it then helps maintain the vacuum that keeps your food fresher, longer with no further effort required. 

Made from all food-grade silicone in a variety of styles and sizes, these will be welcome additions to any home or office kitchen.  For left-overs or to simply showcase your semi-professional palate-pleasers, the domes and canisters from NewMetro Design are a welcome addition to almost any size kitchen.

Save your energy for chopping and slicing, not pumping.  Visit: (www.newmetrodesign.com)

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